Hijab Style Tips for You

Wearing the veil is good, but wearing it in style is better. And that is not always won! Many of us wear them every day. We often adopt the same style. We wear it in a hurry. However, the routine is the worst part of losing style. Modest women still find it a bit difficult to appropriate their veil. This criterion should not be overlooked.

The veil elevates a woman’s style if she knows her hijab and knows how to wear it. The veil should enhance your outfit, it’s your added value! It is a way of asserting your personality. It is therefore up to you to tame it in order to take possession of it.

Adopt a cultural style

From one country to another, the veil is tinged with ethnic-cultural traditions. What better way to break the routine than to travel through our clothing style. We can decide to stay in tune with ourselves by keeping a style specific to our culture to mark our clothing identity. Or, we have the choice to adopt a hijab style belonging to the culture of a country, dear to our heart.

For example, the Turkish style is marked by a veil posed in point on the head when it is a pashmina, then tied in a simple way around the neck. It will not be the same for the Emirati style where the emphasis is on multiple folds around the face and a very pronounced bun.

Change your style from time to time to break the routine! According to your moods and your desires of the moment, try different genres because facets, we can afford to have several when it comes to style.

Play on asymmetry

This tip is especially recommended in cold weather. You can easily wear a style of another kind by playing on asymmetry. For this, you can mix several fabrics. Different materials and textures combined together can make the result sublime!

Take a scarf with a smooth and light material like silk or another smooth material like muslin. You can layer these with a heavy material hijab like cotton. We can easily play with symmetry by shifting a simple hat or turban and a single veil available.

In terms of texture, we could for example mix a shiny or glittery veil with a more sober, plain veil. It’s your turn to unleash your creativity!

Play with colors

If you have bonnets of several colors, you can play with this style. That said, we can do without! You can very well take two Hijabs whose colors combine perfectly and superimpose them by forming pretty folds.

The harmony of colors is to be taken into consideration. Knowing that not all colors can be combined, compose your cocktail according to the rendering that suits you.

Each complexion is unique. It gives off a particular light coming from inside and is reflected towards the outside. The harmony of colors also goes through this set of shades that your face will embrace, those that will vibrate under the same frequency as your soul. It is therefore important to know the complexion of your skin in order to adopt the right colors of scarves that will highlight your face.

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