Numerous elders fail to see the talent, capabilities, and power that Generation Why has to offer to the world. Generation Why, named after their inquisitive nature, comprises of both Millennials and Generation Z. From continuously changing existing perspectives, to allowing individuals and numerous corporations to gain a different view point in the marketplace. These youngsters possess some of the most beneficial ingredients to add to the corporate world.

These individuals aged 37 or under, carry leader-like characteristics due to their pre-conceived habits of bending the ‘norms’ and reshaping pre-existing and on-going traditions which society holds dearly. Despite the stereotypical labels associated to them, few of the tech-savvy youth possess the power to change the world as they ought to be trend-breakers rather than followers.

At present, an influx of examples of successful corporate figures belonging to the Generation Why has caused many people to wonder if ‘Generation Why is the Greatest Generation.’ Adding to these examples is 18-year-old, Omar Khaled El Dokani.

A prime example of the power and capabilities of the ‘New Generation’ is Mr. El Dokani. Simply, an 18-year-old graduate who has founded and firmly established his own professional networking company, InterJoin.

Becoming a CEO at such a young age proves that these adolescents, who the world may recognize as ‘social media and technology addicts,’ are extremely capable. Straying away from the societal norms of stepping into the professional sector as an employee, Mr. El Dokani strived to develop a corporation from the ground up. This has allowed powerful & young individuals, like Mr. El Dokani, reach high levels of success at young age.

Inspiration, Motivation, & Success

Born on January 16, 2002, in Cairo, Omar Khaled El Dokani is the son of Khaled Abdel Aziz El Dokani, the CEO/MD at Lafarge Africa Plc.  Mr. Omar El Dokani praises his relationship with his father highly. He states: “My father and I are very close. He will usually be the first person I turn to whenever advice is needed.”

Mr. Omar El Dokani went to the United Kingdom to complete his high school education from a renowned co-ed boarding school, Millfield. When asked about his academic performance, Mr. El Dokani said: “Academically, I felt I was advanced. I always had the incentive to perform well, especially in what I enjoyed.” Mr. El Dokani attended Millfield School on scholarship.

Mr. El Dokani’s parents played a key role in the development of his entrepreneurial skills and proved to be some of his key motivators. His mother holds strong personality traits which he cherishes and learns from. In an interview, Mr. El Dokani briefly stated: “Look, I strongly look up to both my parents. I can happily admit they are my main source of motivation. I was taught so much from both of them…

In high school, business-related subjects were where he specifically excelled. This comes as no doubt as his interests lay in this field. He understood at a young age, that to succeed as an entrepreneur; it was imperative to build a strong foundation with clear concepts. He spent two years in the United Kingdom, away from home. We believe the early establishment of the company occurred during his time away, however this has not been confirmed.

Stepping into the Corporate World

Prior to Mr. El Dokani’s completion of high school, he briefly interned at a few multinational corporations, one being a world cement giant in Doha, Qatar. Even though he was an intern at these companies, it helped him develop a sense of familiarity with the day to day operations of a large corporation. Determined to start his own company, Omar recruited a team of three founding members, George Dumitru, Piotr Kuczynski, Andris Akmentins and founded InterJoin Limited, a professional networking platform.

The concept of the startup was “to address and minimize the rate of failed business ideas due to lack of funding.” This is done through a networking platform with a unique value proposition which allows users to exchange services from a mutually beneficial standpoint, cash free. This means users will be able to trade what they are good at, for something they need. Without spending a dime. Useful, right?  This only proves to be a small section of what the platform has to offer, with more to be announced soon. Mr. El Dokani has stated: “I believe this will be a nice factor to set us apart. Many our USP’s are still unannounced, but one step at a time.’ he said laughingly.”

InterJoin was able to implement a successful business model proven to effectively generate revenue. This was attractive to investors. The platform groups all of the users’ work-related tasks, eliminating the switching of platforms to cater to all professional user needs. In addition to this, the platform offers all networking tools, enabling users to grow and enlarge their professional circle. He founded his vision and concept in the midst of an unstable market and a decline in general investments due to external circumstances at the time. The concept was powerful, and it acquired a 30,000 USD investment deal for the base concept alone during the early development stages.

InterJoin took Andris Akmentins on board as PM, George Dumitru as Lead Designer, and Piotr Kuczynski as the Lead Tech Developer. The CEO refers to himself along with his team as ‘The Founding Four.’ InterJoin is near to finalizing the largest Serie A investment deal to ever come out of the Middle East at a figure of 375,000 USD. It is expected for the platform to take on more heads as they grow and scale their way up to deployment. The platform has an expected launch date of May 2021 to the general public.

Looking at the Future Icon of the Corporate Sector

The 18-year-old Chief Executive Officer, plans to take his education further. At present, the youngster is working on the growth of his company. He currently holds three scholarships from top-ranked UK universities, and he expects to return to the academic world in 2021.

As one of the youngest CEOs in the world, Omar Khaled El Dokani is a future icon in the corporate sector. By setting an example for the world, this boy plays a prime role in proving that ‘Generation Why’ may be, indeed, the greatest generation of all. 

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