Ecommerce Is A Difficult Business To Be A Part Of. Roman Cresto Has Made It His Passion And Success. Here Is His Story.

Roman Cresto shares his secrets to business success with us. Unlike other entrepreneurs, he does not try and sell his customers on fake business promises and luxury coming over night. Instead, he tells it like it is and gives people real advice on how to succeed in business and how hard work can pay off.

Roman Cresto understands the hard work needed to build a successful ecommerce business, but he also understands that when properly managed, an ecommerce venture can grow exponentially faster than a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Having already generated millions in online sales at just 20 years old, Roman now coaches students who on average pull in $100-200 thousand per year from their amazon businesses, while his automation clients make $10-20 thousand monthly in passive profit from their Amazon Automation Stores. As his students can attest, Roman has built his brand on true grit and determination; words that are often lacking in the sales pitch of your average “ecom guru.”

As Roman himself puts it, “I personally am a very disciplined and driven person, who wants to improve myself in all aspects of life. I am constantly seeking to improve both my body and mind alongside my businesses and I gain true fulfillment by bettering myself and by helping those around me become greater than they were. I have realized the more that I help others, the more I get out of life, and have helped more than 300 other entrepreneurs start and scale their own profitable online businesses since starting my own journey.”

The lessons that Roman shares with his students are built on the back of true trial-and-error experiences that Roman faced on his own road to success. Born on June 28, 1999, Roman grew up and attended school in San Diego, California. After graduating highschool with a 4.1 GPA, Roman began attending college at one of the best engineering schools in the country. By the end of his freshman year, however, Roman had seen enough of the nine-to-five track and knew it was time to strike out on his own. He dropped out that summer at age 18 and jumped headfirst into building his first dropshipping business on Amazon.

Soon after starting his first business, however, the obstacles began mounting up: “I was pretty laid back and introverted when I started my first business,” Roman recalls. “Being younger than most people in my field and convincing my parents to let me risk it all by dropping out of college were huge challenges initially. What eventually set me and my businesses apart were the results that I could start producing for clients: building wide profit-margins from the get go and scaling my company and customer base VERY quickly.”

By developing strong relationships with clients and mentors in his field, Roman quickly built one of the largest dropshipping companies in the country. By leveraging his experience in wholesale real estate and digital marketing, Roman was able to grow profit margins to nearly 30-40%, compared to the industry average of around 10-15%. His ability to quickly scale his companies, while providing excellent service to customers and sellers, allowed Roman to distance himself from the competition and establish the relationships needed to grow a sustainable long-term business.

“My company provides a very close knit community and quick communications with our clients,” Roman explains. “We value integrity and results over quick profit, unlike many of our competitors, who take on dozens of clients monthly and fail to provide them individualized care and results.” This focus on business integrity and a solid service record has allowed Roman to identify and grow automated Amazon stores for his clients where most other businesses fail.

As a result of his tough work-ethic and ability to connect with other entrepreneurs and mentors across the ecommerce spectrum, Roman “the college dropout” was able to transform himself into Roman the successful entrepreneur in just a few months, turning his first six-figures before turning 19. He now manages over 100 Amazon businesses for his clients, while teaching hundreds of new entrepreneurs how to break into the hyper-competitive world of ecommerce with a team of over 500 virtual assistants run fully for his clients every month.

Roman now sits at the helm of Empire Ecommerce, which became a seven-figure company less than two years after Roman founded it. Looking to the future of his family, as well as his businesses, Roman quickly set up an automated Amazon business for his parents and has since helped his cousins, brothers, and close friends build their own dropshipping businesses, pulling in more than $10,000 per month each. Looking forward, the young entrepreneur hopes to share his expertise with others, building the next generation of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Follow Roman Cresto on Instagram and learn more about his business Empire Ecommerce here.

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