What Is More Essential For YouTube Channel Growth: Views or Likes?

When you are working towards improving your channel every day, you must have the idea about which metrics are essential for your channel growth. As you improve your YouTube channel, you would want to monetize it by signing up in the Adwords.

How does this work?

When you decide to monetize your channel, YouTube displays ads at the start of your videos or during your videos or in the middle of the videos. Then, per every thousand views, you earn a fixed income. If you do not have enough views to monetize your account, you can always buy YouTube views from authentic sellers such as Sapiyo.

If your main aim is to earn money through YouTube, then views are going to matter the most.

When do likes come into the picture?

To understand that views are not the only way to gauge your channel performance, likes on the video come into the picture. The number of likes can define the magnitude of good content you make on your channel.

If you have more likes on your video, then it means that your video is good. YouTube would recommend your video to more people based on likes. Therefore, in a way, the likes and views work in synergy to provide you the desired growth. Thus, to improve your views on the videos you post, you can buy 1 million YouTube views.

What are the requirements to monetize your channel?

The current requirements to monetize your channel and start bringing in money are to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers to your channel and 4000 hours of watch time on your videos. If you have generated the required magnitude, then you can easily start making money from your account.

If you do not have enough subscribers or views to your videos, then keep reading.

How to increase views for your channel?

Now, let us understand the complete flow here. If you need to fulfill the requirements, you need people to not just view but also engage with your video. Therefore, when you create and upload a video, you have to bring in views. Even if a user is there on your video for 10 seconds, it is still counted as a view.

However, we do not want only views. We want people to extend their time spent on your video. In order to do this, what is the first thing you are going to do?

Improve your content

Think creative, out of the box, think unique. It may be easier said than done because there are many content creators out there in your niche who are coming up with different kinds of content every day. To keep up, you need to be creative or at least draw inspiration from lots of things around you.

Don’t use clickbait titles or thumbnails

You need to keep originality as a core virtue here. Do not make any kind of clickbait titles or thumbnails that mislead the viewers. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so if you want to attract the users, maybe use clever and high quality thumbnails instead of clickbaity ones.

It goes the same with the titles, you need to attract people with your clever, keyword rich titles but make sure that they are not click bait. For example, if I make a video about how to choose a budget car, your title should be something related to that and not “Buy A New Car In Just INR 20,000.” This is a click bait title and people will bounce off your video once they realise it is bogus.

Your descriptions should be keyword rich

Wherever you can fill the descriptions or titles with keywords, please do it. Tag your videos that can be a perfect fit for SEO. Do not be lazy while working on your description. This is the place where you can place your affiliate links if you are doing affiliate marketing. You can also place videos or playlists that you previously made and related to the current video. Think about how much you can trap the user in the cycle of watching your videos on your channel.


If we come to the end, both likes and views are extremely important for channel growth. You need views for likes and then, you need to also follow the basic tactics to make your channel grow.

If you want to achieve your goals fast and buy Youtube Views, you can always rely on Sapiyo, an authentic seller of YouTube views. When you get views on your video from real users, then your video will perform well and automatically be recommended to others. This way, you can increase your views, your subscribers will increase, and the desired watchtime will grow too.

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