“Let Your Heart Break” is the new single from Brandon Agustus

“Let Your Heart Break” is the new single from Brandon Agustus. In his timeless message, Agustus yearns for listeners to embrace the aches and sorrow from love lost. Part hip hop and the emotional vocal delivery from Agustus, “Let Your Heart Break” is actually an endearing tune.

Agustus, born in South Florida, grew up listening to 80s icons Prince and Whitney Houston. His pop sensibilities are natural – when he sings “Let Your Heart Break” he’s his own boy band machine. The croon in his voice is slick, yet he is so approachable. Now based in New York City, his musical canvass incorporates the lessons he’s accrued while working with the Songwriting Factory in Brooklyn. His first EP Underneath the (Man)nequin came out in 2016. His newest single is from the album Days of Wasted Youth.

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“Let Your Heart Break” has an upbeat tempo. The vibe switches a few times as Agustus goes from singing to rapping at the bridge. His voice is wonderful – when he sings “in the end you’ll find that you’ll be fine letting your heart break.” This isn’t a sappy song, no is it one to wallow in the sadness. As a listener you start to feel a connection to Agustus. You trust him. This isn’t the singing of an artist still dreaming; “Let Your Heart Break” is the sound of an artist that has made it. He’s secure. Agustus is really singing, too, which makes his talents even more easy to embrace.

This song inspires in little, subtle ways. The beat is light, airy and almost summery. I surmised it’s the sound of Florida, his love letter to his home state. The beat gets a bit faster, a bit bigger – like the backdrop of New York City. The lights, the sounds, the chaos engulf Agustus, but his voice remains a beacon and towers over the bass lines and pulsating electric vibes. When he sings the chorus, the listener is uplifted. One might think he is writing this song for himself, a diary entry. I think it’s such a universal theme that he really hones in on a humanistic experience. This song captures so much in such a quick time lapse.

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He switches gears again with different mixes – voices that are manipulated in the background. It’s as if they are the naysayers, the forces coming against him. He raps “time heals all wounds if you let it” and the listener is once again in tandem with his revelations. You get lost in his voice, and while the added voice layering feels a bit out-of-place at first, after a few listens, it gives the song a badge of honor, so to speak.

“Let Your Heart Break” is my first introduction to Brandon Agustus. It gave me a keen sense of understanding who he is as a man, and who he is an artist. I think he really reveals himself to his listeners. If you’re a listener that fell for the song “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi, Brandon Agustus can run circles around that song.

by Bethany Page

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