Kinemagic: Redefining Remote Work with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has infiltrated countless industries by molding to suit the needs we did not know we had.  Virtual reality software company Kinemagic has solved issues in heavy industrial development and training as well as addressing the new work from home needs.  Kinemagic specializes in taking complex, highly complicated massive facilities and procedures, and bringing them to life in an immersive space.  They have now taken their software and pivoted it to suit the needs of the changing business world by offering this immersive environment, not only to heavy industrial companies, but to all companies.  They are facilitating successful working from home during the pandemic and for the future. 

“Under the best of circumstances there is a fundamental gulf between large facilities operating out in the field–like oil rigs, school systems, power plants, waste management—and all of the team members working somewhere else. That gap leads to deficiencies in design, construction, and management of the assets.  These problems have only become worse due to the pandemic, as people are not even working in their offices, yet are expected to be effective while working from home.” – Brian Lozes, Kinemagic CEO

Kinemagic’s Stratus software is designed to connect the physical field to the team members that are not on site.  Their software also helps in saving companies time and money in construction by finding design flaws before construction versus needing to repair issues that have already been built.  This is not only beneficial to saving money and time in construction but in training as well.  The utilization of stratus for training makes it possible for workers to “see” the site before physically arriving.  They have the ability to tour and become familiar with a facility before seeing it in person.  This improves employees understanding and reduces the onsite training time.

Kinemagic was founded to develop software that takes huge, complex, data-intensive assets and bring them into the immersive space.  Kinemagic initially did this exclusively on a custom basis, requiring months for implementation.  Now Kinemagic still offers that custom service but has also launched Stratus.  Kinemagic’s Stratus software is leading the industry in its ability to tackle the largest assets in the world while providing an extremely intuitive user experience. Stratus offers a one-click solution to taking complex assets and bringing them into the immersive space.  Previously this was a daunting and expensive task that Kinemagic has now automated and made affordable for all. 

Another of Kinemagic’s distinctive elements is their development process.  Kinemagic attaches subject matter experts to their specialized design projects.  This is how they fully grasp the specific problems their clients are experiencing, and it allows them to develop the appropriate solution.  “Oftentimes software companies try to create solutions without truly understanding the customer’s needs.  Because we make it a point to bring in industry relevant expertise for each customer, Kinemagic has become the ‘easy button’ for our customers.”

Since the pandemic began Kinemagic has retooled Stratus to enable the remote workforce.  Right out of the box Stratus offers the ability for groups of remote workers, even all around the world, to brainstorm, collaborate, whiteboard, and to participate virtually in person.  This creates a sense of togetherness that has been severely challenged during the coronavirus pandemic. Kinemagic has applications for every type of company including heavy industrial companies like oil and gas, power generation, municipal utilities, hospitals, service agents, and more. 

Kinemagic has extended their free trial period in using Stratus so more people can be more successful working from home.  They are offering new versions of their WFH software, and they also have an entirely new product coming soon to enable an even wider audience.  “We always love to brainstorm about how to solve problems.  Please drop us a line.  We can help fix it!” Kinemagic’s software can be found through their website

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