Genuine ways to get free YouTube subscribers

YouTube is the second most popular social media across the globe. One of the most remarkable features of YouTube is its policy of intolerance towards dishonest practices. YouTube gives utmost importance to honesty and asks the users not to get fake views.

If any user is found using the dishonest practice to increase views, all your difficult labor to promote your channel can go wasted. Creating eye-catching content is nothing without turning eyeballs in your favor. You have to get free subscribers to promote your channel.

The more subscribers you get, the more advantages you can reap out of the YouTube partnership program. You have to push your channel hard to at least get 1000 subscribers, which will help you fetch earnings out of it. Genuine views are still important, even if you don’t want to grab the attention of people to make your video most viewed on YouTube. Particularly, when you are aiming to shout loud to promote your brand through YouTube, you should catch the attention of lots of viewers. Let us now know different genuine ways to get free subscribers for your YouTube channel.

  1. Convert viewers to subscribers:

When the quality of your YouTube content is very good, you will get more and more views. They will slowly start interacting with you through comments. When you get comments, reply, develop a rapport with the viewers. Ask them to click the subscribe button at the bottom of the videos.

  1. Give a clue of your next video at the end of every video:

When you have gained enough subscribers and followers, it is time to apply your next tactic. Give a clue about the theme of your next video at the end of every video. Curiosity to view your next video will prompt the viewers to come back to you every time. By now, you would have understood the pulse of the people and what they want to see in your videos. Manage your content according to their expectation. You can gain a lot of followers for your YouTube channel.

  1. Update the YouTube channel art to stay abreast of the changes:

If you want to stay close to your viewers, update the YouTube channel art. YouTube channel art is the first thing that catches the attention of the viewers. When the potential subscribers land on your YouTube channel, it is the billboard that they see. It should be alluring and should indicate that the readers are going to add value to their knowledge by viewing your channel.

  1. Improve your website ranking by embedding videos:

When you embed the videos on your website, the viewers on YouTube can view your page without difficulty. This feature will take the viewers to your webpage where they can have a detailed look into the product you promote. This is one of the other effective methods to increase organic views on YouTube. The attractive content on your YouTube channel can do this by drawing viewers to your website.

How do YTBPals help to get genuine subscribers?

If you are a person who has just now started with a YouTube channel, read about Ytb Pals. Knowing about them can do a lot to grow your channel. They provide you with a lot of genuine views and subscriptions which will help you to take your channel to the next level.

All you have to do is to complete a registration on this website and leave the rest to them. They have free as well as paid plans to improve the subscription base of your channel. It was started during the year 2012 to help people to get a wide reach among the viewers and get a lot of followers and subscribers for your YouTube channel.

When you log into their website, give information about your YouTube channels. Immediately, you will get 5-6 subscribers to your channel. Next, click on to find out the number of views per plan. There are 4 types of plans free, starter, popular, and ultimate. Choose the one that best suits you.

If you choose a free subscription plan, you have the option to subscribe to other’s channels to get your free subscription. All your information is protected according to the policy of YTBPals. YTBPals are user friendly and give you genuine as well as free subscribers.


In short, YouTube is an attractive platform to earn a lot of money. Create attractive content, post on YouTube, you can start earning in different ways. When you have 1000 subscribers to your channel, you will slowly start earning money as a partner. You have to keep in mind that YouTube Algorithm distributes your videos that help to improve subscriber base. If your content is engaging and turns more eyeballs, YouTube will distribute your content to a lot of viewers. This is, perhaps, the most genuine way to get free subscribers for your YouTube channel.

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