A Woman and a Car: Refuting Stereotypes

When a man says that a woman and a car are incompatible, we can understand it somehow. Male chauvinism, fear of competition, and the belief that the skill to drive ‘is given them by nature’ – all these attitudes are explicable. However, it is very strange, when such a statement comes from a woman. Oh, she does not know how much she loses!

Dear ladies, if you are still not driving a car, go on reading and you will see that obtaining the driving license and buying a car should appear on your list of the most urgent matters as soon as possible. We have compiled popular myths and stereotypes about women behind the wheel, most of which, by the way, where created by men and do not have any conformations.

Myth #1. Most troubles on the road happen because of women.

‘Women simply cannot manage to learn to drive a car and often provoke emergencies.’ The true authorship of this deep thought belongs to those men who are panicky afraid of losing their superiority. In fact, there is nothing in female nature to prevent them from driving! American scientists have recently proved that women drivers are much more reliable than men are because they have safety in the first place, whereas men have a desire to ‘fly’ to their destination quickly.

Myth #2. Learning to drive will take years.

This is also a myth. However, his authorship most likely belongs to women who are just trying to dissuade themselves from going to a driving school. Without a doubt, all women are different, and all of them study at different speeds. Nevertheless, after 2 months of regular classes with a good instructor, you will feel confident. Besides, there exist online applications that can be very helpful in preparation for your DMV permit practice test. For example, you can install Zutobi app on your phone and take every opportunity to learn road traffic regulations and develop your driving skills. Be ready that after the first time you are alone in your car, you will have a rather strong shock. Although, after a month of daily trips to work, you will forget about trembling knees and experience a huge thrill from driving.

Myth #3. Women get distracted when driving

Naturally, there are different categories of women, but most of them are concentrated and fully focused on the road. Well, some ladies manage to put on some makeup in the car, though they do it not on the move. Men, however, are often noticed smoking, talking on the phone, and even having a bite while driving. According to statistics (a stubborn thing), these are men, who commit 60% of accidents because of distractions.

Myth #4. Your husband can be your instructor.

Never do this if you want to learn how to drive! So many women make this mistake and as a result, they are discouraged from this activity forever. It is because, on the subconscious level, men often try to prove that the car is an exclusively male prerogative and women will never drive as good as they do.

Myth #5. It is better to learn to drive a husband’s car.

Another fatal female mistake is to learn to drive a husband’s car. Even if you are just learning to drive, do it in your own car. The husband’s car, even if it was presented to you, will forever remain his! Jealousy will be added to ordinary male chauvinism, and your husband will meticulously inspect the car after each trip, looking at any scratch (and they will inevitably appear at first). To avoid unpleasant situations, it would be much better to think of buying personally your car that will satisfy all your women’s needs. By the way, you may read car-shopping tips for women here.


A car is the same undoubted achievement of civilization as a computer, a mobile phone, or a washing machine. So why should you refuse from it? Why do you spend hours at bus stops instead of riding comfortably in a warm car? Draw the right conclusions, learn to drive, and feel the freedom of movement!

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