The Greatest Music Streaming Services For 2020

Music comes with a lot of advantages. It soothes, it entertains, and it also lifts your soul when you are bored. Music is something that everyone would want to have. With the advancement in technology, music has been made easily accessible. You can stream music online while enjoying the playing Pennsylvania online Lottery, which offers a great bonus code, at a small fee or no fee at all. Below are some of the most excellent music streaming services that you can select from and find one that suits you.


Spotify is one of the first streaming services that came earlier into existence. It is so far one of the best known compared to the rest. It offers discovery services like Discover Weekly Playlist. Unlike other services, it is easier to share music on Spotify because of Facebook integration. You can send a track to your Facebook friends. You are also able to know what music they are listening to.


  • You can follow musicians and be updated on which songs they are releasing.
  • The free version is robust.
  • Spotify Connect works on both the free and premium tiers.
  • The apps are easy to use and always updated.
  • You can come up with your playlists and sync them to listen to them while on offline mode.


  • The free service has got too many advertisements.
  • You are not able to choose the music you want to listen to in the free tier.
  • Spotify is best for people who like to share their playlists with friends.

Apple Music

Apple Music has grown massively and hence very popular. It has got lots of features and also offers discounts to students and families. There are playlists, but unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not provide sharing options.


  • You choose what you want to hear. There are search options that can be done using Apple HomePod and Siri on Ios.
  • It has algorithms that will help you find the music you want to hear based on what you always play.
  • It combines your iTunes library with music that you don’t own, and this rounds out to what you can play.
  • For Apple HomePod owners, it is the only choice because it enables them to request songs by voice.


  • It doesn’t work with the old iPods.
  • The experience is not good compared to the iOS one.
  • Apple music is best for those who want to listen to music they have added to iTunes and to those who wish to use an Apple HomePod.


Tidal is the only music streaming service whose sound quality is similar or better than a CD. The hip-hop star, Jay z, partly owns it. Tidal appeals to fans of R&B and hip-hop. It may not always have all the music that you want to listen to.


  • It includes live streams of concerts.
  • It focuses mostly on hip-hop artists.
  • It offers ticket presales once in a while.
  • Every page has got record and profile reviews.


  • A specialized decoder is needed for high-res music that uses MQA.
  • The catalog isn’t comprehensive.
  • It is best for people who care about sound quality and those that like to find out about new and up-coming artists.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music came after Google Play Music. It offers a cleaner interface compared to Google Play Music. As a replacement for playlists, YouTube offers radio stations, which is a feature that stands out. Playlists contain specific tracks, but for radio stations, they play endlessly and are always updated.


  • It has got over 40 million tracks.
  • It still has Google Play Music’s locker system. It enables you to transfer the existing songs to YouTube Music.
  • There is a monthly fee subscription that enables you to stream on YouTube and YouTube Music for free.


  • There is a lot of confusion because Google Play Music is still in existence.
  • It is best for Android and Heavy YouTube users.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited is a version of Amazon Prime Music. Prime subscribers get Amazon Prime Music for free. The Amazon Music Unlimited service features radio stations and playlists that have been recommended. The recommendation is as a result of the artists that you have already listened to.


  • Lyrics would automatically pop up on the screen while playing music.
  • The subscription fee is cheaper per month if you are an Amazon Prime member.
  • Free music stations are offered for Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Amazon Echo.


  • The service does not have a music locker.
  • The profiles for artists don’t have biographies.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited is best for Amazon Prime members who can save a few amounts of money on a decent music directory.

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