Julian Kuschner Is Helping Entrepreneurs Harness The Tools Of Social Media As He Did To Conquer The Business World

Julian Kuschner is an investor, an entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker who was born on November, 4th 1992 in Newark, NJ. He truly is a man of many talents and one of the things he loves doing the most, is helping other to achieve financial freedom and reach their full potential in whatever they do.

“I have directly impacted hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world. I help people develop skills that range from sales to internet marketing and I am on the journey of sharing what I have learned with as many people as I can so they too can achieve financial increase and prosperity!” exclaims Julian.

Julian currently uses numerous platforms to reach all different audiences. His goal is to truly help people through the trials of being an entrepreneur, which many people have been experiencing as entrepreneurship becomes a common route that many people are taking now. 

“One of the companies I am a partner of offers education, live trading sessions, and tools that help people build a skill set. If customers don’t have the time to learn, they can follow the expert traders to see results in the forex, stock, and crypto currency markets.” States Julian.

If you think that this is the end to Julian’s expertise and goals in life, you would be wrong. In addition to helping others achieve their potential, he is also an entrepreneur himself! He began his entrepreneurial journey by starting a Luxury Concierge Business. Now, he is working on a CBD business called Reliefly, which sells premium CBD products.

“I co-founded Reliefly together with my partner to solve an ongoing problem in the marketplace. Although there are many existing CBD companies, most of them don’t put out premium products. Many companies launch solely off the focus of profit margin and marketing opportunity. I wanted to change that by providing premium and lab-tested products at a competitive price, and giving a portion of the profits to charity.” Says Julian.

What makes Julian unique in all of his endeavors is that he truly cares about his customers more so than any other entrepreneur out there. For his fellow entrepreneurs, Julian tries to help them come up with a unique approach that will help them be successful in business no matter what they do. For his own businesses, Julian makes sure that his customers receive full transparency about his products.

“I am all about complete transparency and don’t want to hide anything from the loyal buyers of Reliefly. Starting a business in this day and age sounds exciting and “sexy” according to a lot of people, but most of them don’t truly know what it takes and what foundation you need to lay in order to build a successful company. I will try and fix this problem.” recounts Julian.

A lot of Julian’s methods for making people successful come down to honing one skill in particular: social media. For Julian, this tool can make or break a good business in that it is an excellent way to reach customers. These days, everyone is on social media, so if you can access these customers and people, you can create a successful business.

“I can pinpoint a lot of success in my business and personal brand to social media marketing strategies. With social media booming these days and new platforms coming out, some people can get confused and overwhelmed. Fear not, the tips I share can be used on any and all platforms, both present and future.” Julian comments.

To find out more about Julian, you can follow him on Instagram @juliankuschner. You can also check out his website at juliankuschner.com.  In addition, his CBD business can be found at relieflycbd.com.

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