Interview With Endless Supply Founder Michael Portone

Hello Michael! How are you?

Hi! I’m good thanks for asking and you?

What is your occupation?

To say what I exactly do would fill an entire novel. The short and sweet version is that I am an entrepreneur and investor. My biggest priority currently is An online luxury boutique I created in 2016.

I just launched our website last month which has been providing customers globally with all of today’s most exclusive luxury items.

Who was one person that helped you to get to where you are today?

The easy answer is my parents. I began investing in myself at the age of 14 and in turn, so did they haha. My parents have always believed in my eye for business and have allowed me to take the proper steps needed to succeed.

What is your next big move?

My next big move? If I told you, you might steal it! Haha, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see but ill give you a hint: Clothing, more specifically T-shirts, will be more interactive and personal than ever before. Just think about this idea, your t-shirt becoming a form of social media.

How do you build your clients trust?

Transparency and experience. I like to say, “You’re only as good as your last
deal”. It is important to satisfy anyone that comes in contact with your brand to the best of your ability and I believe all my clients can say I embody that.

What separates you from other competitors?

What separates me from my competitors is that I remain unsatisfied. I set
my goals unattainably high. Impossibly out of reach so that I’m ALWAYS
working. I have never done anything in my life half-ass and I don’t plan to
start soon. Anything with my name on it has my full attention. All projects
are treated with equal respects and nothing is ever a waste of time. I get
better every single day. I am a creature of opportunity and will always
be clipping at your back heels. If it makes money, I’m interested.

What is one milestone you want to hit before you retire?

I want to be able to hold my first grandchild. At that point, I will retire.

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