How to choose a best paper shredder

Well, no doubt that you are aware that we live in a dangerous world where it’s quite easy to fake identity, steal identity and do lots of harm. Well, imagine that you have a lot of confidential documents that are occupying your office space and you want to get rid of them. You can’t just throw them away as someone can use them against you or harm you if they get hold of your classified documents. So, you decide that you are going to cut them into pieces and then throw them away. In this way, nobody would be able to get hold of and assemble the documents as they would be shredded to pieces. Well, friends, why waste your time in this hectic job when there is a gadget that can do this troublesome task for you! Paper shredders have been developed and launched by various ingenious brands in order to deal with this issue. So fellas, instead of manually cutting and disposing off your documents, let this amazing gadget do the job for you!


Well, if you are not aware of paper shredders then my friends, focus on its name. Yup! Exactly! This fella shreds the documents that you think can’t be thrown directly into the dumpster. So just buy this dude and ease your worries!


Well, let’s try to understand its importance with a scenario. You have your personal documents. You think they are no longer needed so you just open up the garbage can and dump it in. But 2 days later you end up in jail for the crimes you didn’t even commit. In this whole situation, you feel like: Darn it! I should have shredded them before disposing them off! Well, that’s its  importance. Paper shredders provide you with a high level of security that definitely no one can breach.


Now, if you are planning on buying a paper shredder then it’s a humble advice, don’t do online shopping because the gadget may be different in reality from what it is displayed and also you need to look for certain features and aspects before choosing a best paper shredder. Therefore, go to the tech market and take the following aspects into account before purchasing your paper shredder.


Well, certainly you can’t just go and buy whatever the salesman presents you. You surely need to take your situation into account. If you work in an office where there are tons of paper documents that you need to shred per min or you got a job that doesn’t require much paper shredding then you have to decide on a paper shredder on that basis. Similarly, the type of paper sheet that you often have to shred, whether it’s clipped documents, CDs, glossy paper sheets, envelopes etc., you need to buy a paper shred that can shred the type of paper sheet that you mostly need to shred. If you have to do frequent shredding of paper and obviously a large volume of them then its better to select a paper shredder that has a speedy processing so that you and your colleagues don’t waste their time shredding paper!


You need to make sure what the run time of your device is. By run time, it means how much time the shredder can work before it needs to cool off. Some shredders have a run time of 3 min. and 90 min cool off time whereas there are some shredders that don’t require cooling off at all and work continuously. If your job requires you to shred large volumes of paper then you can go for a continuous run time paper shredding machine. It will certainly be helpful


Well, security is what implores us to use paper shredders in the first place. Therefore, choose wisely. It depends on your need and which level of security you want. Whether it’s low, medium or high, it will all depend on your work. For starters, if you require a low to medium level of security, you can go for strip cut shredders or cross cut shredders. Well strip cut shredders as the name implies, cut them into long strips. You can dump them in the dumpster but keep in mind that they can be reassembled by any person easily. Similarly, cross cut shredders do cross wise slicing of the paper. They provide medium level security. They can be assembled by a person who has a lot of time in their hands. If you guys are looking for a high security device then buy micro cut shredders. Well, as the name suggests, these shredders cut them into micro bits, so small that it’s entirely impossible to recollect and reassemble them. Well, folks, you have to buy the shredder depending on what level of paper you need to shred and what kind of security you require.


Obviously, the shredder is going to come with a bin. The capacity of the bin is what you need to think for. If you don’t need to shred often then you can go for a shredder that comes with a small to medium capacity bin. However, if you have to shred a huge pile of paper sheets, then it would be wiser to go for a shredder that comes with a large capacity bin. It would save you from the hassle of frequently emptying it while shredding!


Price, price, price! Who can forget about such an important thing? Well, like many other useful devices, this too comes at varying prices. There are many paper shredders that come at cheap prices and many are offered at an expensive price. The decision is up to you. If you have a healthy budget, then go for expensive ones. Don’t worry, they would certainly have the band for the buck. If you have a restricted budget, then my friend, go for a cheap one.


Well, fellas! At the end of the day I only want to say that paper shredders are extremely important for you. If you want to have the best paper shredder then you should certainly ponder upon the above mentioned aspects. Do some brainstorming and certainly you are going to find it useful! Well, then good luck in choosing a suitable paper shredder for yourself!

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