Using gif photo booth to promote your business

From short advertisements on TV to social media ads, now you can use GIF to promote your business. With the GIF photo booth, you can raise awareness for your business, collect information from guests, and improve your business online on social media platforms.

While the guests will enjoy the GIF photo booth, they can share these with others, which will ultimately promote your business. With this unique idea, guests will love to take photos and convert them to GIFs, which will remind them of it.

Cover several events

Ignite images do not cover only themed parties but provide services for all kinds of business. Some of the events covered by Ignite Images for creating GIF are;

  • Conferences
  • Asian Weddings
  • Balls
  • Rotary Dinners
  • Charity Balls
  • Fancy Dress
  • Sporting Dinners
  • Black Tie Dinners

If you are an organizer of any of the events mentioned above, you can get the services of Ignite Images to promote your business. The Ignite Images GIF photo booth at your event will create GIF photobooth according to the event, and you can share it with your guests. Guests can share the GIFs with their friends and family, and in this way, you can reach many audiences in a short time. Who would not want to keep a memory of the event they attended? With our mobile studio, you can make your one-time visitor a lifetime visitor.

You can also promote your construction business with the 360 virtual tour photography. It gives a detailed image of your working with amazing views. The 360 virtual tour photography comes with the added advantage of engagement and trust from the customers and visitors.

While Asian weddings come with all their pomp and show, why not make it exciting and memorable with the GIFs for the bride and groom, which they will never forget. The mobile photo studio will be at your services and make the event memorable for all the guests too. It will increase your customer also.

The advantages to promote business with GIF photo booth are;

Utilizes social media platform

Millions of people use social media and scroll around. During this time, they come across several advertisements that they click. If you use a social media platform to share the GIFs, you can reach a wide range of audiences. You can use GIFs on social media to raise awareness for your brand.

Easy way to share the message

Moving images are more fascinating than still images. GIFs are a combination of 4 to 6 photos organized to share a message. They are not still images; instead, they move forward and backward, repeating the message. You can also use selective words in the GIF. So if you have an idea to share, you can contact us, make a GIF for your business of up to 20 seconds.

GIF Photo booth with brand logo

While you are making GIFs for promoting your business, you can use the brand logo in the photos. This will effectively draw attention of people towards your business.

Unique GIFS get quickly viral.

At Ignite Images, you can share your idea or theme for the GIF, or you get a custom-designed GIF. As the GIFs with unique content quickly gets viral, it can help you spread your business to a wide range of customers.

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