The Joys Of Game Show Bloopers

I’m a big fan of the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you aren’t familiar, the premise of the show is that a man and two robots are forced to watch bad movies and they get through it by making jokes. I wrote a book about it. No, really. You can buy it online right now. However, some of the movies don’t require jokes to stay sane. They are so bad that they are funny. Sometimes it is the things that don’t go right that entertain us. That’s true of many things, and it includes game shows.

I am writing about this because on Sunday, July 5 the retro game show network BUZZR is airing a daylong marathon called “Red, White, and Bloopers.” Obviously, it’s tied to the Fourth of July holiday, but the hook isn’t patriotism. The hook is that the marathon is dedicated to memorable moments of flubs and failures in game show history. BUZZR, in their words, is declaring “freedom from perfection,” and it’s delightful.

I assume there won’t be a mean spirited nature to these blunders and bloopers. Usually, the mistake makers are good spirits about it. A contestant’s mind goes blank and they give a terrible answer. Everybody laughs. Maybe the host or a celebrity makes the mistake. On Match Game, you certainly see some errors from the panelists. On a surely unrelated note, when filming the show in the ‘70s they would take a lunch break and get plastered and then return to film more episodes.

There should be some good fun to be had in “Red, White, and Bloopers.” I am curious what is going to happen in the episodes they show. I have to imagine they are going to show the one Family Feud episode where Richard Dawson can’t stop laughing at one answer. The real question, though, is whether or not we will see a certain infamous clip from The Newlywed Game. A lot of times, TV entertains us because things weren’t right. Occasionally, the fun is in things going wrong. Game shows are maybe the clearest example of that.

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