Some Key Points About Melanotan 2 That You Must Know

Melanotan 2 is the artificial/ synthetic version of a natural peptide hormone. This hormone is focused on the process of melanogenesis in our body, which is the pigmentation of our skin. This hormone is also produced artificially, and can be injected into your body for better sexual performance and darker skin tone.

This is classified is a legal drug, which sold in the form of a powder, and can later be converted into injectable material for subcutaneous injections. After its production in the 1990s, the drug was first tested on frogs for its effects. It caused in darkening of the skin pigments of frogs. The drug was later made suitable for human use, and given the famous name Melanotan 2.

This drug basically works by activating the melanocortin receptors in your body, which causes an improvement in skin tanning, less hunger and increased fat metabolism in the body. That is the main reason on why this drug can cause a weight loss in humans. It basically suppresses your caloric intake.

Why Melanotan 2 Is So Popular

Lets be honest here, there are some people out there who discredit peptide sales and try to prohibit it. But nonetheless, people deficient in certain peptides find drugs like these very useful. The overall popularity of melanotan 2 has been rapidly increasing lately, mostly due to its effectiveness in doing what it claims to do.

People prefer taking injections of melanotan 2 in their body rather than using some sluggish medications with potential side effects. Here are some of the biggest benefits of taking melanotan 2.

  • Darker skin tone (due to increased pigmentation)
  • Increased libido
  • Faster fat loss


Here are some of the best benefits of taking melanotan 2, as reported by the frequent users.

Darker Skin Tone

Having too much white skin is not what many people idealize. Extra white skin is very prone to sunburns and skin cancer. but this not the end of the world if you have a pale skin. You can always take pigments like melanotan 2 to increase the amount of skin darkening pigments in your skin. This gives you a nice tanning effect.

The skin tanning effect makes melanotan 2 one of the best drugs available out there which can help you get a good tan in any season, even in the winter when sun exposure is equal to nothing.

Increased Libido

Sexual health is one of the most private issues of our life. That is why many people do not feel safe when visiting a physician to ask for help. Many are not even insured to avail health services like these.

This is where melanotan comes in. Injection of this drug does not necessarily need a doctor’s prescription or administration, and it works like a charm!

Faster Fat Loss

Although fat loss is not the primary effect of this drug, it surely is a side effect. So, if you use melanotan 2, you are likely to suffer from some degree of weight loss.

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