A Look Back At The TV Landscape Of 2015

For a while, I was diving into the history of film in five year increments. At first, I was checking out what had come out around the same time of the calendar. Then, when that information became less detailed, I just started looking at the year as a whole. However, I had reached a point where I was going to be dipping into the 1930s. I felt like I had gone far enough back. So now, I am turning my attention to television. Because TV works differently, I’m not going to drill down on a specific time of the year. This will be an overall look at some notable television stuff in a given year. First up, I’m heading five years into the past to look at TV in 2015.

What shows were coming out in 2015? In January, we got Agent Carter, which I liked but was kind of a flop, and also Empire, which I think is still going on? Two shows that remain super popular hit the airwaves for the first time: Better Call Saul and Schitt’s Creek. This was when Schitt’s Creek was airing on some channel called Pop. I’ll be honest, the name turned me off at the time. Even Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara couldn’t get me hooked then. And, in truth, I haven’t watched it yet. I intend to, though!

2015 was the year James Corden and Trevor Noah both became late night hosts. And soon thereafter, I would stop watching both of those shows. What can I say? I was a big fan of Craig Ferguson and Jon Stewart. Also, in terms of misfires, remember that Muppets show that was for adults and was a mockmentary in the style of The Office? I watched all of it. What a weird thing to exist. I kind of miss it in some ways.

Also this year Community tried to move from NBC to Yahoo Screen. Remember when Yahoo tried to become a streaming platform? It was a massive disaster. Community died with a whimper. That season was good, though. Some other big shows ended in 2015. No, I’m not talking about Mulaney, which I did like. Both Parks and Recreation and Glee aired their series finales early in 2015. One of those shows is an all-time great. The other involved a lot of singing.

This is only the partial story. It goes without saying a lot more happens in TV every year than happens in film. Most that doesn’t happen in the summer, though, which is why I can’t focus there. Like, the biggest show to debut in July on 2015 is probably We Bare Bears, and the biggest to end its run is…The McCarthys? In terms of new shows, 2015 was a pretty solid one. Even if we did get a mockumentary where Kermit was dating a Southern pig named Denise.

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