What To Binge This Weekend: ‘The X-Files’

I must say, as I make this recommendation, I’m not the biggest The X-Files fan. And yet, I am still recommending it. Weird? Perhaps, but to me it makes sense. After all, the truth is out there. Plus, there are a lot of episodes, it’s ready to be streamed, and it offers a little something for everybody. Well, as long as you are watching the episodes with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

The X-Files is a classic sci-fi show that helped make the FOX network a thing along with Married…with Children and The Simpsons. Duchovny plays Fox Mulder and Anderson plays Dana Scully. They both work for the FBI on strange cases. Mulder is a believer in conspiracies, ghosts, you name it. Scully is a skeptic. To an almost weird degree, given how much insane stuff she sees over the course of the show. For, you see, in the world of The X-Files there are indeed aliens and all sorts of stuff not of this world.

What makes The X-Files a good weekend binge is that there are a ton of episodes and as a procedural there are a bunch of different kinds of episodes. Do you like monster of the week stories? You got it. Massive conspiracies? Indeed! There are gory, gross, weird episodes. There are a lot of funny episodes too! If you like horror, hard sci-fi, or comedy, the X-Files has episodes of every flavor.

I don’t think you should necessarily watch from episode one on, though you certainly can. What I would recommend is checking out the synopsis of a given episode and if it sounds intriguing to you give it a watch. Given how beloved The X-Files is, I bet there are places to find lists of episodes that are to your particular interest. Or just watch the Simpsons episode that Mulder and Scully are on. It’s really good.

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