Perfect Scented Candle

Decorating with scented candles is more popular than ever before. The advantage: They not only look great and smell good, but they also conjure up a wonderful feel-good atmosphere in the home on cold autumn and winter days. We show you what is important when handling and present our favorite fragrances.

Fire & flame

We are passionate about stylish scented candles, which give the interior glamor and at the same time provide a cozy feel-good atmosphere. The selection of fragrance variations is huge because scented candles are currently booming in the beauty and interior industry. More and more labels are launching noble candle versions with their well-known fragrances.

We will show you how you can skillfully bring your home up to date with olfactory skills and demonstrate a good knack for the interplay of fragrance notes, shapes, and colors.

1, 2, or 3?

A single scented candles in a room doesn’t look very stylish. Three or more candles of different sizes look much more modern. Choose a candle as an eye-catcher in a different color. If you prefer to use only one scented candle, it is best to arrange it with other decorative elements (normal candles, perfume flacons, vases, glasses, plants, etc.).

Combine opposites

Fragrance experts recommend combining two opposite fragrance directions. Wooden and slightly sweet as well as floral and fruity fragrances go very well together. In combination with normal candles, they create a magical feel-good atmosphere in one room.

The perfect aromatherapy

Scented candles can also create or enhance moods perfectly and stimulate the senses. Fragranced with vanilla, lavender, and bergamot (e.g. in the bathroom) create a calming ambiance. The opposite is the result of scented candles with grapefruit, jasmine, and sage. They give you an energy kick and are therefore ideal for the office, for example. On cloudy days, fragrance notes with sandalwood, rosemary, and ginger provide a lightening mood.

Valuable tips

  • Make sure that scented candles are never exposed to the sun’s rays. Their color fades so quickly and there is a risk that the wax will deform ugly.
  • If the ratio of the wick to wax is no longer correct, soot is formed. It is therefore important to shorten the wick regularly. Also, place scented candles in a place without a draft. Because the latter can also increase the development of soot. If black soot has stuck to the edge of the scented candle glass, you can remove it with a dampened kitchen paper.
  • Extra tip for wax stains on wooden furniture: mix water and vinegar in the same ratio.
  • The wick should always be 3-5 mm long. After the candle wax has cooled, the wick can be cut with the help of a pair of wick scissors. This should be done after 4 hours of burning at the latest. Make sure that no wick residues or soot particles remain in the glass.
  • The top layer of wax should be completely liquid before you turn off the candle. It is best to dip the flame into the warm wax with a wick dipper. So the heavenly Yankee Candle fragrance remains in the air. Then align the wick again in the center.

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