Lawn Care Tips For Beginners

Do you own a lawn, but have fewer ideas about its maintenance? Learning how to maintain your lawn paves your way for a healthy, lush, and thick layer of grasses that can be your true weekend entertainer.

Today, we will talk about some of the lawn care basics. Gather some knowledge and work through these tips, so that you can easily maintain your property. Once you have some ideas about lawn mowing, you don’t have to wait for the lawn professionals. Most important, you can save up to $1000 by taking care of your property without hiring someone.

When to mow the lawn?       

Mow when the lawn grasses are dry. Wait for some shade because cutting them in the afternoon can put extra stress on the grasses. You will not be able to deal with the extra heat as well. So, the right time of lawn mowing is early morning when the dew dries, late afternoon, or early evening. Do not cut the grasses too late in the evening because a lack of vision might result in damages or injuries.

Do not mow the lawn under wet conditions. The lawnmower will not perform according to your expectations and inappropriate cutting might introduce illness to the grasses. There are also chances that you might slip and injure yourself. So, the period after rain is also not suitable for using a mower.

What type of mower do you need?

Push reel mowers: If you are an environment enthusiast, a reel mower might be suitable. As these machines don’t have any motor or power source, they are eco-friendly and operate at low noise levels. Most of the recent models are lightweight, hence you can easily cover a small area.

Keep in mind that a reel mower cannot deal with long grasses. Use a rake to remove all the twigs, otherwise, they might clog its blades. Apart from that, a reel mower needs frequent sharpening for effective results.

Cordless mowers: Battery dependent mowers are famous among homeowners because of their eco-friendly and cordless nature. Means, neither you need to deal with harmful exhausts, nor a power cable that restricts the mowing radius. Dealing with power cable is anyway risky because you might run the mower over it.

As you can understand, cordless mowers work on rechargeable batteries. The operational noise is not as low as a push reel mower, but still less than gas propelled models. Such a mower might be an ideal investment if you own a small or medium-sized lawn. For instance, if you own a property of around a third on 1 acre, then you can try cordless mower.

Gas propelled mowers: This category of mowers is further divided into two parts: walk-behind and riding mowers. The formers are further categorized into push and self-propelled versions. Price varies according to the form factor. For instance, riding mowers are the most expensive, then comes the self-propelled variants and the least expensive ones are the push models.

Gas-powered mowers are suitable if you own a large area, wherein they can easily deal with long grasses. Keep in mind that you cannot avoid carbon fumes and high noise in case of a gas propelled model. Their regular servicing needs time and you also need a regular supply of gasoline.

How to sharpen the blades?

We recommend you to sharpen the blades every season. Dull blades rip the grasses instead of ripping. Cutting the grasses in such a pattern might expose them to diseases and soon the lawn will be destroyed by multiple brown spots. Follow the given steps to sharpen the blades of a mower.

  • Take out the spark plug to make sure that the mower doesn’t start by mistake. In the case of a corded mower, you need to unplug it from the outlet and take out the battery if you have a cordless version.
  • Use a wrench to take out the nut that holds the blade. Stabilize the blade using a vise.
  • Sharpen the blade using a file by following its cutting edges. Cover all the surfaces and but do not take too much metal at once.


The grass is one of the major concerns when you are maintaining a lawn. So, choose a lawnmower carefully and use it only under dry conditions to get the best cutting results. Watering the lawn is important, so you can use a sprinkler.

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