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Faiz Imran is not a new name in the digital marketing field, and he secures this place with his intelligent and smart approach of the business. He never thinks about doing odds jobs and earns money, but he prefers to make his own money through any activity. He never feels shy about selling candies at the age of 9, and today, he is 18 years old, but his maturity and business sense is more mature from his generation.

Today, we are going to explore more about this young and brilliant boy.


Faiz Imran


18 years old


Georgia, America



High school:

Peachtree Ridge High school


Serial entrepreneur

Companies name:

  1. Fismma.com
  2. The Founder & CEO of Fismma Digital Agency
  3. CLIQ, a Social Media Platform
  4. thebusinessblurb.com
  5. enterprises & holdings
  6. Evercent

Website: @faizimran.com

Instagram: faizimran


The life of Faiz was not as happening as we are thinking, but he also suffers from ups and downs of life. Many people often rejected him, and they also make fun of his abilities. He deals with many failures, rejections and negativity, but all of these bad thinks never let him down because his dedication was real.

He was always very clear about his talent and knowledge and had confidence in it. he also said in his interview very clearly:

“Many people put me down and doubted me even a lot of people I used to have respect for; I’ve heard the phrase, “what do you know? Your just a kid” and “you need to be realistic and stop dreaming about nonsense” countless times, and every time I hear it, it just motivates me and reminds me. However, I may already have made more money than these individuals that are 45+ I am just getting started, and until I can walk into any room and not have to introduce myself, I wouldn’t have even come close to my final goal.”

Undoubtedly, if you start to ignore the influence that stops your way towards your aim and targets, just ignore them and continue your journey.

Moreover, Faiz has an aim to establish a digital marketing empire in which all his employees and team members are helping. He is also a beneficial person, and he supports many students so they can come forward and show their talent in front of the world.

Faiz is also active in his social media accounts, where he used to upload different pictures that give us a glimpse of his life. He is a fun-loving person like an average person is. He used to go to the gym, taking classes, spend some time with his family and at the last check a few emails and go to sleep. According to him, most of the best ideas of his life was apparent in his mind when he was sitting alone in the midnight.

If you want to know his personal life, there is no information available currently. He is still single and wants to explore the world.

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