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Owning a Sub Zero appliance should be a source of pride. It’s always a wise choice. These exceptional refrigerators, wine coolers, ice makers and more are the embodiment of high-end cooling appliances, and make for a great addition to any home or business environment.

Owners of these appliances generally get to enjoy their unmatched performance and a much longer lifespan than most options available on the market today. It’s not all roses, however. All machines are prone to unexpected failures and performance issues that can be caused by a variety of factors such as the ordinary wear and tear that happens over time. Despite the high engineering and build quality of Sub Zero appliances, you will likely see yourself experiencing difficulties with your unit at some point in time. You’ll need to think about your Sub Zero repair options seriously because the complex nature of these units doesn’t give you much room to tinker about. You will need to get true professionals on the job.

Before we get into that, let’s take a closer look into the world of Sub Zero, shining a light on some of their most popular appliances.

The Sub Zero Refrigerator

The Sub Zero is an exceptional piece of engineering and design, well worth looking at closely. It might be useful here to take a look at just what sets it apart from regular refrigerators, and why it so richly deserves such high praise. Knowing the best way to handle any Sub Zero refrigerator repair or maintenance issues you might encounter is also important so we’ll go over a few of the most common troubles owners face and their appropriate resolutions.

What Makes the Sub Zero Refrigerator Special?

  • Premium Heritage

To understand the Sub Zero in all its glory, you need to start from the beginning – the company that manufactures it. Sub Zero appliances are built by a family-owned company with a strong background in engineering and architecture. These two disciplines lie at the heart of the company’s business approach and are what has enabled them to produce appliances that seamlessly blend in with your home or business environment while delivering unsurpassed performance.

They were at the forefront of the custom design movement that is imitated by countless manufacturers and pioneered advances in refrigeration technology that are still being utilized to this day. They still manage to do these things better than the competition.

  • Dual Refrigeration Systems

At the core of Sub Zero’s identity and what places them above the rest is their cutting-edge technological application and innovative engineering. They make use of powerful cooling, sealing, and insulation systems to enable their units to maintain temperature levels accurate to within a degree of the temperature settings you choose.

Their freezers and refrigerators are equipped with separate compressors and evaporators meaning that the separate compartments do not have to share any air, as happens in regular refrigerators. The freezer compartments will be able to keep their dry air contained while the refrigerator compartments circulate cool and moist air. The positive result of this system is that food preservation efficiency is improved, lengthening the time your food will stay fresh and edible. Another great advantage here is that there will be minimal risk of odor transfer between stored items.

  • Intuitive Technology

The refrigerators produced by Sub Zero are equipped with the technology to learn the usage patterns it undergoes and adapt accordingly to them. This enables it to maintain temperatures at optimal levels much more efficiently than a regular refrigerator can. This is great for busy households or businesses where the refrigerator is constantly being opened up or being opened at irregular hours throughout the day and night.

  • Custom Panel and Stainless Steel Doors

Sub Zero appliances are designed to be as non-intrusive as possible, fitting in seamlessly with your design schemes, whatever they may be. Sleek stainless steel finishes, glass doors, or a variety of cabinet finishes are some of the multiple possibilities to be considered. They go a step further than mere aesthetic flexibility, as you also have the opportunity to configure cabinets to your liking and convenience. You can’t do much, if any, of this with regular refrigerators.

  • Integrated Drawers and Coolers

The innovative integrated refrigeration system of Sub Zero refrigerators definitively sets them apart from regular units. You have the ability to place individual refrigeration modules wherever you like – you could place a cooler drawer in your bedroom if you wished. The multiple and individual cabinet and drawer configuration options available here are almost without end. It’s all up to you.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

Like we mentioned, even appliances as robust and well-built as those we get from Sub Zero can be prone to mechanical and performance issues due to various factors. To keep them running with optimum efficiency, it’s also advisable to carry out regular maintenance operations from professional outfits such as Appliance Cowboys.

Being handy with your toolkit is great and all, but knowing when to call in the experts is a major part of responsible appliance ownership as well. You don’t want to leave a minor issue to grow and worsen until you have a major breakdown on your hands when a simple phone call made in good time could have prevented it. Don’t wait until the last minute to call an appliance repair company because it could have major repercussions like rates being higher if your sub appliance breaks down on the weekend or in the middle of the night..  Have a look at the warning signs every Sub Zero refrigerator owner should be on the lookout for:

  • Clean Condenser light ON

Your unit comes with a light that’s there to tell you when your refrigerator coils require servicing. The general advice for condenser coils is that they should be cleaned professionally every 3 to 6 months to ensure peak performance and longevity of your unit. Cleaning your condenser coils will help prevent a number of problems including cooling power loss, constant running, faster food spoiling, and refrigerator noisiness. If you fancy yourself to be the DIY type, you might consider carrying out the cleaning process yourself. Don’t try it if you aren’t confident about it, just to stay on the safe side of things.

Locate the refrigerator coils of your unit, which sometimes varies from one model to another. Most can be found at the back of the unit, but some are at the top or bottom.

Disconnect your unit from its power source by unplugging it. Should you be unable to access the power cable, simply shut down power at the fuse box.

Remove whatever protective coverings you need to move so that you may gain access to the coils. Back-coil units are usually uncovered as they are usually facing a wall.

Loosen any dirt and dust that you will find accumulated on the coils using a soft coil brush then proceed to vacuum anything that the brush doesn’t take care of.

See if you can gain access to the unit’s fan then use a refrigerator coil brush to displace any dirt or dust to be found on the blades, being careful with the blades.

Replace all the coverings you had taken out, get the refrigerator back in its proper position, then turn it back on. Do this with regularity and you shouldn’t have much trouble for a good many years.

  • Water Leakage

In most instances, this is an indication that there’s something very wrong with your refrigerator. It might be brought about by any number of causes including clogged drainage line frozen lines, cracked water lines, broken valves, and more. Expert assistance should be sought as soon as possible.

  • Loss of Cooling Power

The freezer and refrigerator compartments of Sub Zero refrigerators are served by separate compressors, meaning that the failure of one will not affect the other. This means that even when you notice a problem with one of the compartments, you shouldn’t turn off the refrigerator entirely. Let it continue running as you seek Sub Zero repair assistance, as the potential causes of these problems are simply too many to guess at. Your problem might have to do with the compressors, fan motors, defrost timers, or other vital components.

Sub Zero Ice Maker

Ice Makers are the very height of convenience in today’s modern home and office. Ice-on-tap is one of the innovations that set the modern refrigerator apart from its predecessors, but this component is prone to failure as well. While it’s true that Sub Zero ice maker repair technicians are always on hand to help you sort out any catastrophic ice maker failures, there is plenty you can do on your own when dealing with minor malfunctions.

Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair

Knowing what you’re dealing with is the key to determining whether you’re looking at a problem you can take care of on your own or whether you need to call in the cavalry. To help you know the difference, here’s a handy ice maker repair troubleshooting guide.

  • No Ice Production

This can be the result of a number of issues. One of the most common relates to what’s known as the shutoff switch or shut off arm. This is the metal or plastic bar that lifts upwards once the refrigerator’s ice bucket fills up with ice. This motion in turn sets off the shutoff switch, putting a halt to further ice production. Should the bar or switch happen to get stuck in the ‘off’ position for any reason, you won’t be seeing any ice.

Should your ice maker’s water supply line get cut off, clogged, or gets its valve stuck shut then there won’t be any water to make ice with.

Sub Zero ice maker owners should know that it isn’t their ice makers that actually produce the cold required to make the ice – they are reliant on the freezer for their ice production. It thus follows that whenever the freezer temperatures are too high, ice production will come to a halt. You might want to confirm using a thermometer whether your freezer temperature is really at the levels that your thermostat indicates. A discrepancy in these readings might point to a larger problem in your refrigerator system.

  • Ice Overproduction

While some people complain of no ice, others might find themselves drowning in the stuff. Ice overproduction is most often caused by a shutoff arm or switch that will not signal the ice maker to stop production as it should.

  • Ice Looks Dirty or Tastes Bad

There are quite a number of possible causes for a bad taste, appearance, or smell in the cubes produced by your ice maker. Sub Zero Houston repair clients are advised to give a bit of troubleshooting DIY a try here, because the causes are often easily rectified if identified correctly. The most common reason for these issues, for instance, is simply a dirty or moldy ice tray. Simply checking both the ice bin and the ice tray to see whether this is the case and cleaning where necessary often clears up the issue.

Another cause of this might be an expired water filter, which is contaminating the water passing through it on its way to making your ice or allowing impurities in your water supply to pass through it. A common sign of water filter failure is little specks of carbon in the ice which break off from the filter.

Another simply resolved cause of impure or smelly ice is the presence of pungent or spoiled food in the freezer or refrigerator compartments. Some odors are powerful enough to permeate through to your ice maker, but the problem can be easily rectified by clearing out your fridge and ensuring all food containers are securely fastened.

The problem might also lie with the condition of the plastic tubes that supply water to the ice maker. Flushing them with clean water will be enough to get rid of any sources of unwelcome odors.

Sub Zero Wine Cooler

Few things in a home are much cooler than having a wine cooler present. Sub Zero wine coolers take this to the next level in luxury and functionality. Being able to store wine at a predetermined temperature is a useful method of improving its quality and taste. As some wines can be quite costly, it’s no wonder that the breakdown of a wine cooler is something people do their best to avoid. It can lead to a distorted aging effect that produces sour, undrinkable wine.

In case you notice any problems with your wine cooler’s performance, you will definitely want the problem rectified immediately to stave off the risk of losing your wine stock. Though you might be understandably flustered to find your Sub Zero isn’t working as it should, knowing a little bit about the possible causes might help you relax a bit and know what to do, who to call, and prevent any trouble from disturbing your peace in future. 

Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair and Maintenance

  • Dirty Condenser Coils

This is perhaps the most common cause of underperforming wine coolers. These coils are essential in the cooling process, but dust and lint covering them will interfere with their effectiveness, leading to a cooling power reduction. If you’ve got the know-how and trust your DIY skills, then you can go ahead and clean the coils yourself (at least once every 4 months) or have your Sub Zero wine cooler specialists come over for maintenance services at least twice a year, depending on the size and activity of your unit.

  • Defective Condenser Fan

This is the fan that is responsible for sucking in air from the surroundings that’s then circulated around the condenser coils, giving them the necessary airflow needed to cool the refrigerating liquid they contain. This is the process by which refrigerators get their cooling powers.

  • Door Gasket Breakage

The door gasket in a Sub Zero wine cooler is what’s responsible for keeping the cold air within the unit. When broken or ruptured, it’s allowed to escape, thus causing a rise in the internal temperature. This is a job for the professionals. There really isn’t much we can do here except try and keep the gasket from breaking in the first place. Sub Zero wine cooler repair professionals will have the necessary tools and specialized skills to get the job done properly.

What Makes a Good Sub Zero Repair Service?[1] 


Picking up the phone and calling in someone to take care of your Sub Zero problems is simple enough. What many out there have trouble with is knowing exactly who to call. There are dozens of outfits that offer their services, but you should always make our choice carefully. You don’t want to risk any harm coming to your appliance, home, office, or yourself, for that matter. Here are a couple of pointers to help you figure out the best Sub Zero repair service to handle your problems.

 Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long have they been in business? There’s no real replacement for experience in this industry. When dealing with Sub Zero appliances, you want an outfit that has been in business long enough to know all the things you don’t learn in trade school.  Look for the outfit that has at least a couple of years under its belt and you can be reasonably confident that they know what they’re doing.
  • What do their reviews say about them? Facebook, Google, Yelp!, and other such platforms offer you a great resource for learning about potential service providers. You get to hear what other clients such as yourself thought about the company, rather than relying solely on what they choose to tell you about themselves. A bit of research can save you a significant amount of time and money.
  • Do they offer guarantees on their work? Guarantees are a safety net Sub Zero owners should not ignore. These are top-of-the-line appliances we’re talking about, so you should insist on being covered in case a repair job goes wrong for whatever reason. Without a guarantee, you might be left worse off than you were in the first place.
  • How well do they communicate?
                  One of the first signs of a non-professional outfit is poor communication. From the moment they     pick up your phone call, you should expect to receive clear, helpful, courteous, and truthful communication from them. They should be able to give you a reasonable answer to any reasonable questions or concerns you might have. Keep away from any outfit that can’t or won’t give you that much at the very least.
  • How good is their customer service? Professional outfits make it part of their culture to take care of their clients as far as they possibly can. By replying to queries, offering discounts, making helpful suggestions, and generally showing an interest in the well-being of their clients and their appliances, a good Sub Zero repair company will stand out from the competition.
  • Do they keep time? Respecting for other people’s time is a basic tenet of professionalism across all fields and industries. You want a company that you can rely on to always show up when they say they will.
  • How do their charges compare with other companies? You shouldn’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of, regardless of the situation you’re in. A price comparison with a few other companies should give you an idea of what a reasonable rate would be. This is information any decent company will be willing to give you should you ask for it.

With a bit of online research and a couple of calls, you should be in a position to identify a Sub Zero repair outfit that will work for you.

Who You Gonna call?

Appliance Cowboys is a Sub Zero repair Houston area outfit composed of home appliance experts who understand all there is to know about the repair and maintenance of all Sub Zero units and home appliances in general. With vast experience and exceptional training, they strive to fulfill the company’s ethos of serving the Houston community quickly, reliably, and at reasonable rates. They offer warranty appliance repair and maintenance services for all major brands and are fully factory-authorized, meaning manufacturers have vetted and trained these technicians to guarantee their professionalism and expertise.

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Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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