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You might find a lot of people who seem to be successful and have worked hard to reach the domain that others failed to achieve. It’s not like every single person can stand preserved in the face of calamity and hardships. All of us have some inspiring stories that we look up to, and here; another inspiring story is going to be quoted. A truly inspiring story that might even heal you in the process, without any further delay, let us go through the life of a girl, who always thought that pain was the only thing that she would feel in her entire life!

Some personal details:

Name: Kathy Peters

Current age: 22 years old

Home town: Langenfeld, Germany

Professional: model, actress, a freelancer on Fiverr

Author: upcoming poetry book (Just some thoughts)

She starts her modeling career after finishing high school and did different campaigns. Make sure to check out her Instagram where she actively posts her amazing work, simply go ‘Kathyinframe‘.

The talented young actress and model from Germany has a motto

Let’s heal the world with vulnerability and self-love”, wants to help other women heal their undying flames of hope and self-confidence. Indeed a role model story for those who might feel like losing hope; the next moment or the other.

Pain is being mentioned here, but all you of you might be feeling flabbergasted about what kind of pain it is, that is being mentioned a lot! I mean, if there are relatable event, then they should be mentioned right! Let us shone a light on the part of her life stories that made her the way she is now.

Life stories

As a kid, Kathy was not a normal kid but she suffered from a lot that has been very tough for her to grow up as a regular kid because she couldn’t feel secure or comfortable in the future. When Kathy was two, her sister died and that, in turn, made her family more devastated. Within a culture that was brimming within misery, she grew up in that kind of environment. She experienced threats, bullying, sexual exploitation and her closely related people died in her life. At 18, the BPD diagnosis was confirmed with her, and that made everything even more depressive, and anxious. Which was classified as misdiagnosed later, but you can imagine the stress and social pressure that accumulated on here due to the current issues?

But she overcame her sorrows and successfully broke the shell everything that might break her. She knows her pain and hard-lived life, and she doesn’t want others to feel the same. No one would have imagined being a successful international model despite the mind-shattering and heart-rending life events, but she made it. In one of her blogs; she quoted;

‘Because the 7-year-old Kathy really meant it when she said “when I am a grown-up, I want to be an actress”. I am so glad that the 7-year-old Kathy always stood by my side when I started to grow up.’

Her life made her stronger and braver, making the even depressing life events, a stepping stones to the present success and love she has. Moreover she is also part of the LGBT Community and considers herself queer.

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