After Teasers “Super Press” And “Shook,” MZ Genesiz Drops Inspiring Full Album Titled Checkmate

After her recently released singles “Super Press,” “Shook,” and “CheckMate” that served as teasers, Mz Genesiz just dropped her full album, titled Checkmate. The versatile Genesiz is an accomplished author, businesswoman, and rapper, who tends to succeed at whatever she attempts, and her latest album Checkmate, marks no exception to that rule. Empowering and inspiring, the record lists 10 tracks, each bringing a specifically crafted message over unique soundscapes. “My Truth,” “Big Dreams,” “Loaded,” or “Checkmate”, are some of the most impactful sonic and lyrical experiences on this album, while Mz Genesiz is already thinking about her next big projects, whether in business, rap, or maybe something completely different, but we sure are excited to follow her next move closely!

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