Advantages of using soy wax

You will be surprised to know the benefits of using soy wax instead of using conventional paraffin wax. It can be amazingly beneficial to your wallet, health, and nose. There are several reasons that make soy wax advantageous than traditional paraffin wax. You can use soy wax in the form of a burning candle. Some of the reasons are as follows.

1.     Soy wax is natural

Soy candles or soy wax is extracted from soybean, and it is a natural source of wax. Soy wax is a form of hydrogenated vegetable oil. It becomes thick and solid at 25°C. Soy wax is a completely natural wax with no artificial flavors, colors, and odors added. It can be the best instead of traditional paraffin wax, which is quite harmful to us. Paraffin wax when burnt releases several harmful side-products as it is made of petroleum oil. So using soy wax can be beneficial and less harmful for your health. It is environment-friendly because it is a natural wax.

2.     Soy wax gives clean soot

Paraffin wax releases black smoke and soot when it is burnt. Soy wax can be better because it gives clean burn. The paraffin wax is made of petroleum oil, and it releases quite black soot, which can make your curtains, carpets, or walls dirty. Soy wax does not make your house dirty. 

3.     It does not release toxins in the air

Another benefit of using soy wax is that it does not release carcinogens or toxins in the air when it is burnt. On the other side, paraffin can produce 11 toxins out f which two can cause cancer. 

4.     Environment-friendly

The base of soy wax is soybeans, which are known to be renewable sources. Unlike soy wax, paraffin is not a renewable resource because it is made of petroleum. You can never compromise and ignore the health, so using soy wax is beneficial for you, particularly if you are expecting or have kids or pets at home.

5.     A lower melting point

Soy wax has e lower melting point than paraffin wax, which ensures no chances of burning when you accidentally fell a drop or two on your skin.

6.     Cheaper

Besides being environment-friendly, soy wax is pocket-friendly also. It has a strong chemical composition, which makes it run 50% more than traditional paraffin wax. This feature can be beneficial in giving you long-term benefits. It burns smoothly, so no chances of creating a mess on the sides of the glass. So you can save your money by purchasing soy wax for burning.

7.     Scents are stronger

 Soy wax is a natural wax, and it contains no additives. The odors of soy wax are artificial. It contains essential oils that give more pleasing smells than that of irritating scents of paraffin wax, which can sometimes cause headaches. The headaches are not related to the scents but the toxins and carcinogens which are released by burning. Soy wax is not harmful when used, so using soy wax can be beneficial for your health, environment, and wallet also.

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