Why Jonathan Seller is irresistible in the online space

CEO of SecondTri Media Jonathan Seller, is an entrepreneur based out of Detroit, Michigan. Not only is Jonathan an entrepreneur in the online space, but he originally was a Worship Pastor and Church Planter.  He still sings every weekend at his church but Monday through Saturday he is building his businesses faster than most entrepreneurs who graduate with  business degrees.  One of Jonathan’s musical accomplishments to date is recording a number of albums, even opening for Chirstian artists like Chris Tomlin and Matt Maher. He has always had a great passion for music along with his digital marketing company which has never had a year earning under 6 figures.  SecondTRI Media helps companies determine an effective marketing strategy through Jonathan’s “Irresistible Marketing Framework.” 

Jonathan found motivation to get started with his business when he had the realization that he had everything it took to be effective in the world of sales and marketing. “People want someone who is honest, authentic, and has the skills to communicate the message of their brand to their audience in a way that actually gets people to be interested. We call that being Irresistible.” Jonathan has spoken at dozens of events helping entrepreneurs, realtors, investors and small businesses get their messaging right. Jonathan says “People don’t care about your accomplishments. They start to listen when you communicate their pain.” 

One of the biggest challenges Jonathan faced when starting his business was finding the courage to leave a 9-5 salary job and giving up the comforts of a predictable environment and stable income. The journey of entrepreneurship requires that one forgets the comforts provided by a W-2 and enters the wild ride of the ups and downs that come with entrepreneurship. Jonathan was inspired to take this leap from full time Ministry to Business Owner while he was making a 6 figure side income through affiliate marketing selling mattresses through YouTube. His YouTube channel was called “The Mattress Guy” where he would make videos and lead people to click the link in the description where he would receive an affiliate commission if they bought a mattress. This opportunity allowed Jonathan to find his skillset of sales and marketing which has paid off for him.  He discovered the framework for messaging was different than his competitors and the engagement rate on his videos was a reflection that he had found a way to communicate that was “Irresistible”.

Jonathan Seller differentiates himself from the competition because his firm doesn’t focus on communicating a message where the business is the hero. SecondTri Media communicates through their marketing efforts that the customer is the hero and the company is the guide. Many of the influences from the company come from Donald Miller’s book “Storybrand.” One of the many reasons Jonathan is successful comes from him being honest and authentic. He attributes his upbringing in the church and his faith as anchors for maintaining integrity in business.  We think this might also have something to do with why Jonathan is simply “Irresistible” and reason for his digital marketing success.  To learn more about Jonathan Seller and his business, click here.

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