What Are the Most Secure Locks to Prevent Lock Snapping

Lock snapping is one of the most common and simplest techniques used by thieves trying to break into a property. Locks have a euro cylinder that requires zero skills to snap in half. It allows the intruder to enter your home and gain access to your belongings. It is one of the fastest and most discrete methods of entry and does not leave any forensic evidence. The best solution to prevent lock snapping is the use of an anti-snap lock. This is a lock designed to decrease the risk of snapping. It has a more durable and harder bar that is resistant to force applied to it. A TS007 is a certification mark that you need to observe while purchasing an anti-snap lock.

Below are some of the best anti-snap locks

The locks below should be installed by a professional locksmith in order to ensure they are installed correctly.


Avocet ABS is a retrofit lock with a 3-star rating and is also stamped with insurance-preferred British Kitemark. The lock has also passed a master locksmith association with a substantial secure diamond grade. This lock has active snap protection such that during an attack, there is a hidden lock in the hardened molybdenum cam. It fires into action and creates a barrier that the intruders can’t go past. The three-star rated lock is approved by the police security initiative and accredited by Secured by Design. It is recognized as one of the highest-security locks. ABS lock had a well-advanced technology that helps against lock snapping, twisting, drilling, and bumping. Another feature that makes it more secure is that the lock is included in a personal key card. The key card is needed while making any copy of the keys. It is effortless to change your regular lock and replace it with ABS without modifying or drilling the door.


This one comes as a pair of high-security euro profile cylinder locks and is ideal for a double door and front and back combinations. The locks have a few high-security features. One of these is that the lock has sacrificial cuts and hardened steel bar. It protects the lock from snapping in case a thief tries to break into the house. The cuts break off, helping the cylinders get short from catching further. The lock has superior strength and has a British Standard Kitemark assuring quality and peace of mind to its users. It offers the convenience of having fewer keys to carry since you only need one key for both locks. The lock has four anti-pick pins which include:

• Anti-Bump Resistance uses V pins to resist lock bumping

• Anti-Drill Shielding that contains anti-drill pins and balls

• Anti-Extraction is resistant to plug and cylinder pull

• High-Security Key combines dimples and groove

It is also easy to install.


It is one of the highest-accredited secure locks in the market right now. It is fitted with unique and effective snap technology. The cylinder lock has a locking cam that blocks access into the lock case. It is a retro-fit lock with TS007 certification and has achieved a three-star British Kitemark. It has sold a secure-diamond rating and fits the police’s desired specification. The pair lock can be used in a double door or for the front and back door. The lock has an anti-snap, bump, drill, and pick resistance. Avocet ABS pair lock can fit in any timber, UPVC and composite doors. The lock has high-security code keys with a key card that requires registration. You can use the same key for both doors since they are keyed alike. It is also essential to measure your old euro-cylinder lock before buying a new ABS lock, thus making it easier to install.


This is a medium-security anti-snap lock that is budget-friendly, although it does not offer an even amount of security that the expansive locks come with. It has a one-star TS007 rating making it safe to use in homes. It is secured by design, making it difficult for any intruder trying to get in the house when the cylinder snap as only the outer part is broken. Thus the inner part that is very important is left intact inside the lock. The lock has anti-snap technology, and its cylinder also has anti-bump, anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-screw protection. It is one of the most effortless locks to install and has a flat reversible stylish bow and key card for easy code identification and key duplication.


This is one of the cheapest; thus, it does not guarantee very high levels of security; therefore, it can only be used for common security purposes. The reason being its Euro profile cylinder is problematic and is very easy to snap. It is advisable not to use it in the entryways but use it in the inside rooms of the house or an outdoor shed that does not hold valuable goods. It does not offer protection against bumping and has no TS007 rating. Schlosser Technik lock has a sacrificial cut that when pressure is applied on breaks off. It also contains anti-drill and anti-picks pins to prevent in case of drilling and picking. This particular lock is available in different and multiple sizes, and it is easy and straightforward to fit. It is supplied with three keys and fixing screws and the lock is available for different makes of doors.


The best way to upgrade the security of your home or keep your valuables safe is by fitting anti snap locks that meet exceptionally high standards. The locks should be installed by a professional locksmith. If the lock isn’t installed correctly, it is prone to snap even for the best-designed locks are vulnerable. Anti-snap locks can buy you some much-needed peace of mind as well as protection for you and your family.

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