Tips on Choosing Shutters for Your Home

Having issues selecting the right shutter to fit your home? You can bring your search to an end now. I’ll be talking about shutters briefly before getting into the ultimate tips to finding the perfect shutters for your home.

From home décor to more formal furnishings, shutters have been used to set an air of sophistication through history. With new forms, materials, shapes, and designs, shutters have once again made their way to the top of the trending ladder.

Shutters come in different forms based on your likes and preferences. Your choice of shutters can significantly affect your home’s overall appeal and increase its value. Shutters that are carefully selected and installed in the right places give your home an astonishing feel.

Whether you are looking to get plantation shutters or something much more to transform your home into an attractive masterpiece, here are some tips to help you choose the best-fit shutters for your home.

Set your budget

When it comes to selecting a piece that would be a part of your home, a lot of factors, a budget most especially, must be considered. Before choosing a shutter, it is important to allocate a budget to the cause.  The average cost of getting shutters ranges between $300 to $900, and this depends on the design, needed materials, size, as well as the number of windows. Sometimes, installing shutters might go as low as $150 and as high as $1500. So, depending on what your home needs, allocate some funds for the shutters. Planning always saves you some bucks.

Choose shutters that match the style of your home.

You can select a shutter-style based on two significant factors; the climate condition in that region and the house’s design. The style of shutters used in a home with a craft style would be different from the one that’d work for in a Victorian home. In the same vein, the shutter style in cold regions is different from the ones used for homes in a warmer environment.

For instance, a batten and board shutter-style are used mainly in homes with a barn style. The batten and board are constructed by mounting several boards vertically and fixing a cross-bracing horizontally or in the form of a Z.

Another shutter-style worthy of mention is the Bahama, which is also known as Bermuda. The Bahama is a Caribbean shutter-style you’d mostly see in coastal areas. It appears like a canopy mounted over a window to keep out the hot rays from the sun.

There are several other shutter options such as the popular solid panel shutter and louvered style shutter. The latter is installed to allow air into the house when closed during a sunny day and keep the rain out during a downpour. On top of the versatility of the louvered shutter style, many homeowners love it because it is easy to maintain. What more could anyone ask? So in essence, you should always consider the style of your home while choosing shutters.

Choose a shutter color that matches your home’s accent.

Color is also an essential factor to consider in selecting shutters. It is an element that can make a plain design look so sophisticated and valuable. Ensure to paint the shutter with the accent color of your home; a color that is different but compliments the trim of the shutter. This doesn’t only give it a classy look but also matches it with your home.

Size your shutters correctly.

The shutters’ design should have a size that will cover the window totally when closed and appear to be functional even if they are not. The shutters should also appear to be a mirror image of the window. The architectural elements of the windows should be lined up with the rails. Some of these elements are muntin, lock rails, and transom among others. It is also very careless to fit the shutters upside down as this is not the right way to fix it can end up developing a fault later on.

Choose a material according to your need

Now the decision of which shutter material to choose is a critical one as it affects factors such as durability, cost, and aesthetics. Shutters are made from several materials such as hardwoods, MDF, plastics, or polymers or MDF. Each of these raw materials have different compositions, hence,  they are chosen to suit different environment. If your rooms are filled with high moisture, you could use the help of a shutter made from a waterproof material. If the spec you’re looking for is a shutter that combines durability with the window is particularly large, then a hardwood (which is lighter weight) provides better longevity. MDF is probably the most popular material in the UK because it’s low cost. Improvements in manufacturing technology and using a hardwood core in the shutter can also strengthen the panel and allows them to be used on most windows.”

Get a professional help

It’s okay to want to take up home improvement projects yourself, but choosing a shutter shouldn’t be done without a professional. An expert in the field can give you honest recommendations, and still leaves the choice to you. So, you’re still in control, but with professional advice.

Look for professional shutter service providers around your area. Have them come look at your property or consult with them online. ShutterUp Shutters Brisbane offers professional shutters services and provides you with a platform to get the best quality shutters for your home.

Other benefits you enjoy from seeking professional help include an intact warranty, proper installation, and maybe amazing deals on subsequent maintenance services.


Evolution has helped shutters evolve from being an exterior decoration element to being an intrinsic part if an interior decor. However, shutters still perform the primary roles they were made to do; basic functions like controlling light, providing privacy, and security. With the tips,

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About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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