Should you do HIFU Facelifts in Singapore?

A trend that has been gaining popularity in Singapore over the last 10 years is medical aesthetics. Previously, having your appearance cosmetically enhanced was something that will draw strange looks. Trends in the recent times, however, show a strong and increasing cult of confident young people that believe aesthetic procedures as absolutely essential for bringing out the best in a girl. The scene has reached to the level where processes that are commonly seen to be torturous and drawn out have evolved to be incredibly simple – some take only fifteen minutes to be performed! The mainstream accessibility, fuss-free nature and lower costs are beginning to match that of Korea. For instance, HIFU facelifts have been getting massively popular. Clinics like Cambridge Therapeutics serve hundreds of women looking for HIFU facelifts every month.

how HIFU Sygmalift works

Famous Rejuran

Rejuran is one of the most desired procedures in Singapore’s cosmetic landscape, not losing out to even that of the famous botox. Hailing from the world of South Korean makeup, Rejuran is a prominent method that has tremendous effects on an individual’s skin. Rejuran contains a chemical compound named PDRN. The results are amazing, with benefits as versatile as scar smoothening, improved skin elasticity and even improved skin smoothness and shine. Taking into account all the benefits shown above, the Rejuran procedure does leave visible marks on your skin and redness for about a week. Following having a Rejuran procedure done, individuals may find it awkward to meetup with people for a length of time. Depending on Rejuran that was injected, you can expect prices for a session to range between $300-$400.

Picolaser in Singapore

Picosecond Lasers are the latest expansion to every aesthetic doctor’s collection of machines and have the ability to fire bursts of lasers under durations of picoseconds. Picolasers have a plethora of functions and may be used for pigmentation removal, acne, skin firming and many others.  Patients who have pigmentation are perfect candidates for pico laser procedures.

Picolasers operate by shattering the pigmentation or tattoo ink collections within the skin into smaller fragments with strong bursts of focussed laser energy. The residue is then taken away by the patient’s own body as part of the body’s natural immunity process. As the bursts of laser energies last only a few billionths of a second, the chance of your tissue to receive burns is very low. Picosecond laser procedures will not require more than 60 minutes out of your day. Mild redness may be seen at the location of the procedure and can linger for a few hours. Cost: $350-$1200/treatment, 3-6 treatments suggested.

Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation on skin is a well-known ailment when you may see darker patches because of clusters of pigment cells in the skin layer. Another possible major cause for the growth of additional pigmentation spots can be excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and/or sun damage. As such, the most prevalent places for pigmented symptoms to happen at, commonly strike at the most visible locations – the face, brows. The hardest part when tackling pigmentation problems is the prognosis. It takes a licensed medical practitioner is able to correctly identify what variant of pigmentation symptoms you are currently suffering from. Pigmentation can also form post-inflammation or swelling, stemming from causes like insect bites, eczema or chicken pox. Pigmentation due to such swellings are identified as post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH).

Patients experiencing pigmentation issues are often despairing when multiple doctors, due to a poor identification of the condition, try suboptimal treatments that fall short of clearing up the problem. Blindly treating pigmentation conditions is likely to result in disappointment or deteriorate the situation. It is easy for several pigmentation conditions to be wrongly diagnosed as another condition due to the alikeness in appearance between some pigmentation symptoms. Studies have indicated select events of the pigmentation symptoms deteriorating from receiving of the wrong remedy. Patients seeking pigmentation treatment are advised not to give up and source a few diagnoses from a minimum of 3 different doctors embarking on a particular treatment strategy made to fit your needs.

Acne Scar Removal

The same patch of skin can even exhibit a number of differing types of scars, and each specific type  has a its own optimal treatment best practice. Scars that arise as a outcome acne have a reputation to be especially hard to fully remove.Moreover, the complexity of variables considered during the  treatment is increased because each and every individual’s skin contains unique characteristics that could potentially affect the intended result of the procedure. Acne can result in a variety of different variants of scars. The same area of skin can even exhibit many different types of scars, and each different type of scarring has a different treatment protocol.

It should be noted that the several types of scars are different structurally as well. Because of this reason, each type of scar will react differently when subjected to the same procedure. Most seasoned dermatologist utilize a combination of various aesthetic treatments to tackle acne scars. Should you have been searching for solutions to your acne scars for some time now, we recommend that you set an appointment 2-3 reliable aesthetic clinics  to gain a better grasp what is required to solve your condition before starting any treatment. A variety of chosen tools, and procedures are made use of during the treatment of acne scars. These involve lasers, chemical peels, subcisions and excisions. Costs, Mild to medium: $1700-$3550, Severe: $2300-$7700

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