For pregnancy – Having an epidural

In order to reduce the infection chances, an anesthesiologist will ask you to wipe your back with an antiseptic by sitting on the edge of the hospital bed. Also, just like dentists, in your lower back, they’ll give you an injection to numb the area. Then between your lower back’s spine, they’ll place a large needle and make space for a small plastic tube known as a catheter to inject in the spinal canal’s cover (the outside area). Through the catheter, they injected a mixture of opioids and anesthetic in epidural space. They’ll ask you to lie down as it works with the gravity, and then from the belly down; you’ll feel pain relief after 15 to 20 minutes. 

Essentially there are two types of epidurals present. Low-dose infusion epidural is the most common type, which refers to a walking epidural by the women; however, Dy says that we actually don’t call it that. You can’t walk actually very far after the anesthetic injected in, but you can move a little bit inside your delivery room, such as when it comes to the stage of pushing you can change the positions or go to the washroom if you need to go. In a low-dose epidural, they give the patient a low-dose of it, but if the patient feels the need for more dose, then she can increase the dose by pushing a button up to a predefined maximum amount.

A spinal anesthetic is the epidural’s second type, and in one shot, it is delivered inside the body, over time, designed to wear off. Usually, it is used in surgeries such as a C-section. It normally not used in labor because it doesn’t show a long-lasting effect. Because the labor is very time taking and its effects don’t last that long. But according to Bacon, across the country, some rural hospitals are still practicing it.

In this decision, you may want to have a word, or you may just follow the recommendations of your doctor. This information will help you in both ways that how you can understand it properly and talk to your doctor about your choices related to it.

Essential points to keep in mind

  • In order to prevent you from hurting during the childbirth, the epidural is a medicine that is used; it numbs your lower body, which saves you from pain. Depending upon the pain you’re feeling, the dose is planned for you that either you need to be completely numb or partially numb.
  • This decision is personal for many women, which consists of two factors: how essential the natural childbirth is to you (labor without using the pain medicine) and how much you worried about your pain.
  • For childbirth, an epidural is measured as an easily adjustable and most effective medicine.
  • They are very common today, but you need to aware of the epidural’s possible side effects and risks.
  • No one can predict the labor pain. Before starting this procedure, you may plan that you want to give natural birth, but then you may feel the need for pain medicine during the procedure. 

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