6 Unexpected Ideas for Your Social Media Content

If there is one thing that really gets people talking, it’s specialized content on social media. This is the reason why some content can become viral- it’s new, it’s fresh, it’s unexpected and never seen before. Too much fluff, you’ll end up having people unfollow or unsubscribe to you. Specialized content is what you need here because it builds a strong brand for yourself. 

You want quality, not quantity

Sure having 10,000 followers is a big deal, but what if only 1,000 of them read, share, like, and talk about your content? When you craft quality content, you’ll attract quality readership and followers to your accounts, and these connections will not disappear. When you open a social media account, be ready to commit to the long haul to achieve quality followers. Patience is definitely a virtue you need. Sure, you can pay for sponsored content, but when you first start your accounts, having generic views, likes and followers will help you understand who your targeted audience is, what sites they frequently visit, what hashtags they use, and what are their spending habits. 

Work to Build

Building an audience online is essential, and you’d get free publicity! If they like what they read, they’ll share it with their own audiences, whether it’s through their own social media accounts, blogs, or websites. Sharing and discussing content enables you to reach new entry points and give Google more ways to find you. 

Now that we have a few details about social media sorted out, what are the kinds of content that would help make you more visible online? Here are some ideas:

  • Publish yourself

If you love writing, poems, crafting short stories, this one is for you. It’s called self-publishing yourself. Self-publishing can be anything from a book, a short story, an article, or even a poem. Social media platforms such as Patreon has opened up a new avenue for content creators and authors to reach an online readership. Self-publishing eliminates the costs involved with printing and distributing physical copies, and it is also accessible worldwide. 

  • Create online courses

An online course allows anyone to provide information or tutorials on a vast array of subjects that he or she is either has a passion for or experience. This can range from a variety of topics from culinary arts, music, software, fitness, gardening, and soon on. Do you have a passion or interest you want to share with the world? Keep in mind that you do not have to be an expert in your field to come up with an online course. You just need to have more knowledge on the subject than most people. If you see yourself sharing tips, tricks, and suggestions on a daily basis on your social media accounts, why not channel that in a more extension and in-depth way by creating online courses? You can do this on YouTube, Instagram Stories, Tik Tok, or Facebook- just make sure to tailor the content based on the platform, so it meets the needs of your audience. 

  • Do a throwback

A quick and easy way to create a fun content idea would be to do throwbacks. If you have old photos or videos of your 90s hairdo or family photos even, you can digitize them and post them on your social media. Either create a GIF or a Carousel of photos for people to view. Better yet is if you post them to correspond according to a holiday such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Siblings’ Day, etc. Simply taking a photo with your phone and posting it online is the quickest, but it doesn’t always produce a good quality upload. You can digitize your old media files (learn more by this link) and keep it on your cloud drive or a DVD, so you have easily accessible digital copies of them whenever you need them. 

  • Create an application of your idea

In this day and age almost, every individual owns a smartphone. And with the usage of smartphones comes the usage of apps that are created by third-party developers on both the Android and iPhone platforms. If you are already familiar with the basic coding language or have developed basic apps, then you have a head start in this area. But for a non-coder that has an idea that would work, it is best to learn the required coding skills that will be important in creating an app of your choice. Build a mobile app of your idea and post it on your social media. 

  • Create an online auction for your stuff

Use social media to create an online auction! Not only can is this a way to generate income, but it is also a unique way of creating a different genre of content ideas. Begin to sell your merchandise, old clothes, equipment, tools- whatever that you don’t use anymore, but it’s still in good working condition to interested individuals. The best thing about using this method to generate revenue is that it can be done by anyone with a laptop and an internet connection. Anyone that has either goods or craft items to sell can utilize this method. Take a photo of the items you want to sell, digitize them, upload it on your social media and get people to send in their auction requests via DM or on the comment sections of your post. 

  • Conduct an online survey

Surveys serve two distinct functions; one is to collect more data on the demographic of the customer base. The other is to gather feedback on a certain type of product or service provided by the organization. Online surveys are widely used these days as opposed to traditional surveys as there is a much broader outreach to respondents at both the local and international stages. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all have survey features on their platforms, so this is another quick and easy way to create content and engage with your followers!

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