WD Gann time trading cycle

Wd gann theory teach a lot of trading method, square price and time , square of nine, gann angles, but his secret trading techniques lies in trading with numberology. In gann law of vibration, gann book says trading is all about finding the correct starting point, and correct number in the forex market.

In his gann swing chart, gann learn Fibonacci rebound in each market top to swing bottom. He teaches higher top and lower low cannot exceed the magic number, otherwise it would consider as change of trend.

How to Squaring Price and Time Trading book is difficult to understand, but until you get the secret gann theory of it, you then trade to win easily.

Why trend is important? Learning Wd gann technique explains the way our how the FX market react to stimulus like news and astrology. Financial astrology, after all is just like news. in the master book of Bible, it act as lightening. Both Trineaspect.com and Gannexplained.com and Tunnel Thru The Air, and many of his own gann books had mentioned Robert Gordon use gann time cycle to solve the great law of vibration master time factor, and reap profit from the stock market.

Is square of nine and gann angles is one of the secrets to the key? once you have start search the gann master time factor, then you have the answer. And you should purchase wd gann’s original stock and commodity trading course for answers.

And last but not least, For wd gann astrology, I recommend khit wong from trineaspect.com, his material is really good. It is almost the best secret you are get from the internet. Also you can consider Tunnel Lodge group and seeker had already found the gann master time factor. And if you look at George bayer, you will find lots of similarity from gann writing style. That will also helps you to solve the gann master time factor and the magic number as well. 

Table of Content includes

  • W.D. GANN Implicit Rules of Trend – Market Law of Vibration
  • The Fallacy Of Winning Percentage of a Trading System
  • Powerpoint Slides On W.D. Gann Form Reading Seminar – Change Of Trend
  • WD Gann Trend Price Action & Reaction Basic
  • Gann’s Safe, Safer, And Safest Gann Entry Techniques
  •  Mathematics Behind The Exact Entry & Exit Points
  • Secret to Power Up The Technical Analysis
  • News Trading Technique
  • How I Made My Forecast And Adjust Trading Size With My Trade In Jpyusd & Audusd
  • Correct Way Of Reading Square Price and Time The FX Market
  • Khit’s Secret Core Master Time Factor Trading Methodology: When To Entry And When To Change Trading Size
  • Examples on WD Gann Trend Implicit Mathematics Relationship
  • Bitcoin Example

For ordering this W.D. Gann Book –  Implicit Rules of Trend – Market Law of Vibration
Enriched version (only avaliable on Trineaspect.com) includes:
– How to Find the W.D. GANN Mathematical Magic Number Price Action in Euro
– How to Find the WD Gann Mathematical Magic Number Price Action in Bitcoin
– The Fallacy Of Winning Percentage of a Trading System

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