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The crisis surrounding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the disease COVID-19 caused by it is getting worse. The number of infected people increases every day. The exponential growth in the number of infections can only be countered by drastic measures. Contacts with other people and above all larger groups of people should be avoided and stays in public should be reduced to a minimum.

The events related to the coronavirus also have a significant impact on the economy. Companies and Educational Institutes close temporarily, students and employees work in the home office and short-time working is introduced in some industries.

Calculate the Converted distance

If you yourself are concerned and would like to know directly the amount of your distance in mm to cm during short-time work, the calculator will quickly and easily calculate your task during short-time work.

What is changing due to the Corona express laws on short-time work?

So far, at least a third of the workforce had to suffer from loss of work or wages. With the first express law, this number was downgraded to ten percent, which considerably facilitates access to short-time work benefits. Also, social security contributions are therefore in the future be reimbursed by the Federal Employment Agency. Until now, affected employees were fully responsible for covering the costs themselves. In addition, temporary workers can now benefit from short-time benefits. So far, these have not been taken into account.

What does short-time work mean and why is short-time work introduced?

Short-time work is a temporary reduction in the contractually agreed working hours of the workforce. The reasons for this can be different. Mostly times of economic weakness are responsible for this. In the case of the current crisis caused by the coronavirus, two factors come together: First, contacts and direct interactions between people are to be minimized. The likelihood of getting infected at work is correspondingly high when there are many people in a room, an office, or a hall. To counteract this, it is mainly used in industrial sectors such as the automotive industry, Short-time work introduced. On the other hand, the entire economy is currently suffering, which means that many companies in numerous economic sectors no longer have enough work and orders to fully utilize all of their employees.

Due to the weak economy, many companies make fewer sales. Nevertheless, they still have constant wage costs. In the long run, this leads to a decline in profits or even a loss. In turn, a loss would mean that the company would have to cut jobs to protect itself from possible bankruptcy. Short-time work should prevent this. Personnel costs decrease temporarily and after the crisis is over, all employees can go back to their normal work with the contractually agreed working hours. In the long term, this is an appropriate measure to deal with the situation appropriately.

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