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Believe it or not, but there are some reality shows that you can not only watch but feel good about watching. Cable cutters usually find it very hard to find high-quality and entertaining reality TV shows. The main problem with much of the reality TV shows is that most of them are shown live on TV. If you happen to have Netflix though, you don’t have to worry about not having cable subscription as Netflix has its own catalog of reality TV shows.

If you are looking for some alternative sources then you may find some of these shows on streaming services like Spectrum TV on FireStick.

Fastest Cars

Most of us know what supercars are. They are a luxury. And because of that, we also know only the rich can afford them. But that doesn’t mean expensive supercars are the best or the fastest.

Fastest Cars is an auto-racing TV series that Netflix is streaming right now where luxury supercar owners take on, what they call, sleeper cars.

Sleeper cars are cars that are old but are owned by people who have serious skills on how to make them go fast. You may know them as gear heads.

The series puts luxury cars against older fast cars. All that participants have to do is to win a quarter-mile race. The winner moves ahead in the rankings for the season championship. The series definitely gives car enthusiasts a lot of fuel. It is fast and offers a good amount of intrigue as well. There is no reliable way to guess who is going to win which rice. We would also like to mention here that even if you don’t consider yourself a big racing fan, you can still enjoy the series. Besides, who wouldn’t like a Lamborghini go up against Honda Civic from 1992 when the results are as unpredictable as they are in Fastest Cars.

Blown Away

This reality TV takes a look at glassblowing. Or more accurately, how professionals go about making glassblowing a sport.

The art of making glass is not for the weak of heart. The work is actually close to back-breaking. Hence, this reality TV show raises the stakes to the highest possible level right from the get-go. It doesn’t take many mistakes to make your masterpiece a worthless piece of glass. In other words, in order to win stuff, you have to be flawless. And this is where the competition comes in. Blown Away takes a look at the pressure these competitors have to work under on a weekly basis as they work hard and fast to complete challenges, earn marks, and move closer to, you guessed it, the title at the end of the season. The trophy is called Best in Glass.

If you go ahead and watch this reality TV series, you are going to see a lot of people getting emotional and doing everything that they can to beat the next guy.

If a furnace running at 2000 degrees gets you excited then you should watch this reality TV show. There are no two ways about it.

Doomsday Preppers

It doesn’t matter if you think prepping for doomsday is a useless task and a massive waste of resources. The reality TV show on National Geographic is worth at least a single watch. In other words, the show is iconic. Do keep in mind though that the actual show ended a long time ago. As mentioned just now, there is nothing stopping you from revisiting this great reality TV show.

More precisely, the show takes a look at preppers in the United States. Preppers are people who have made extensive arrangements and plans on how they are going to survive the Armageddon. The series is mind-boggling, to say the least.

Once you get through a few hours of this show, you will come to know that there is literally an infinite number of ways our planet can die and kill us along with it. These strategists are not sitting idle though. They want to give themselves the best chance of survival in case that does happen.

Whether it is the fallout from a nuclear war or something more realistic like a pandemic, this series will get you thinking.

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