How to smoke weed without rolling paper

Rolling paper is a weed smoker’s trusted ally. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pot smoker rolling paper makes it easy to roll up a joint and enjoy. Although it’s the most common way of smoking marijuana, the rolling paper is not the only option. In this post, we’re going to focus on other ways to smoke weed. If you’re looking for some pretty cool ideas, then scroll down and check them out.

Find an alternative

You forgot to buy rolling paper, and now it seems like you can’t roll up a joint until you go and buy it? When in a pinch, you can always keep in mind that paper-based materials can pass as a substitute for a rolling paper.

Options are endless as they only depend on your creativity. Gum wrappers, cigarette papers, and yellow pages or phonebooks are some of many paper-based materials you can use to roll a joint. Ideally, you should opt for thin paper options because they’re similar to the actual rolling paper. But, if you’re a beginner, then thicker alternatives would work too. Just make sure the paper you choose doesn’t extinguish too fast. You also don’t want it to burn too quickly.

When rolling marijuana in rolling paper alternatives, you need to be patient and do it carefully. If you’re not careful, the risk of tearing the paper will increase.

Palm leaf wrap

When it comes to pot-smoking, creativity is your best friend. Every weed smoker has a few easy and practical ways to smoke a joint, even without rolling papers. It all comes down to finding an alternative that’s just as easy, or even more convenient. For example, you may want to try palm leaf wraps such as those from KingPalm.

Basically, these wraps are not regular papers – they’re even better. How? Well, every palm leaf wrap is individually handmade to ensure superb quality. They don’t burn quickly, and, as you already know, some rolling papers burn too fast.

Not only does a quick-burning rate leave you out of enjoyment, but it also means you spend your weed faster. This means you have to buy more and spend more money. It’s needless to mention you can kiss your special stash goodbye because you eventually spend it all on a joint that keeps burning quickly.

Palm leaf wraps take away all that drama and are incredibly easy to use. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to roll up a joint or even a blunt and just sit back and relax. These wraps help avoid that uncomfortable flavor that rolling papers have. While they’re easy to fill, palm leaf wraps are also firm and durable.


Bongs are, besides rolling paper, the most common way of smoking marijuana. Most pot smokers have a bong, whether a “proper” bong they bought somewhere or an improvised bong they made.

The popularity of bongs isn’t baseless, though. People love bongs because they allow them to get high very quickly. Plus, they’re easy to use and save time. It’s faster to use a bong and get high than to roll up a joint and smoke weed that way. Various materials can serve to make a bong, including metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, just to name a few.

If you have the opportunity, it’s practical to have both the bong and the rolling paper. That way, you’ll always have a practical option to smoke pot at home.

Probably the only drawback of bongs is that they can’t function without water. This could be a problem if water keeps spilling out or leaking or if the water is not readily available for some reason.


Vaping has become one of the most popular methods of marijuana consumption. What’s there not to like about vaping? It’s easy, fun, fast-acting, and versatile. Additionally, it’s considered to be a healthier and safer alternative to actual smoking. Marijuana vapor contains a lower level of toxins and carcinogens than smoke.

Although vaporizers were invented to offer people a healthier way of smoking tobacco, they have evolved, and now people vape marijuana, dry herbs, you name it.

As more and more vaping products emerge, their prices are affordable, and options are endless. The vaporizers come in different shapes, sizes, and purposes. If you just need a vaporizer for short-term use, then a disposable vaporizer is the best choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to vape regularly, then you may want to opt for cartridges that allow you to refill them.

You’ll get the most out of a vaporizer at temperature range 140°-205°C (285°-400°F). Temperatures that don’t fit into this range can either burn cannabinoids into smoke or leave them behind.

Before vaping, you’ll need to grind weed. That way, it will be vaporized evenly.


Just like vaporizers, the pipes come in different shapes and sizes. For someone who’s looking for a unique way to smoke weed, pipes are a great choice. It’s needless to mention they look amazing and it’s fun to use them.

Materials used to make pipes are numerous, ranging from glass to wood, metal, and clay. Smoke from pipes made of different ingredients tastes differently. Keep that in mind when you’re about to buy a pipe.

If you’ve never used a pipe to smoke weed, you’re probably wondering why to buy one in the first place. First of all, pipes are easy to use, they allow you to immerse yourself in the whole experience, and they offer a great way to get the most out of your weed without spending too much money.

Just like with vaporizers, you need to grind weed thoroughly in order to allow for an even burn and smoke production.

What many people don’t know is that besides pipes you can buy, it’s also possible to make your own. For example, you can make an apple pipe. The process is easy; you need something skinny and solid like a pen to carve a hole through the top of the fruit. The hole should be about halfway into the core. Poke another hole on the side to create a mouthpiece. Place the weed into the top hole, light it, and inhale from the hole on the side.


Combine a bong with a pipe, and you’ll get a bubbler. That’s the easiest way to describe this handy tool to smoke marijuana. Bubbler gives you the best that bongs and pipes have to offer. It gets you high quickly, just like the bong, but at the same time, it’s convenient and easy to handle like the pipe.

Usually made of glass, bubbler has a round chamber either on the side or the bottom. This particular chamber contains water, while weed is placed into a bowl. It’s like a smaller bong that you can take anywhere if you wish.


Lack of rolling paper doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t smoke pot. What every pot smoker knows is that options to smoke weed are numerous, but beginners are still learning about all the ways they can do so. In this post, we focused on a few simple and easy ways to smoke pot without rolling paper. Choose the option that you find the most convenient. For example, the bong is a great way to get high quickly and in an inexpensive manner.

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