Fade is a trendy short haircut that is also known as ‘military reg’. It has predominantly been the favorite of many men since the early 2000s. Put merely, fade is a hairstyle in which your hair recedes from the bottom to the top and can be as close to the skin as you wish. Even though ‘fade’ itself is a classic and has not lost its demand to this day, modern hair stylists are always trying to blend different hairstyles to bring something to the people, which is entirely new. Such a hairstyle combo is our topic of discussion in this article.

You must be familiar with another hairstyle in which curls are brushed and flattened out to generate an effect that is similar to those ripples you see in ponds or waves at the seashores. This hair pattern extends from every direction starting from the crown of your head and is known as ‘waves.’ Ever wondered how to combine these two hairstyles to create a fantastic hairstyle combo, which will give you the attention you have always desired? Look no further. Just stay with us and let us guide you through the whole process in which we tell you the ​procedure to get waves​with a fade step by step.

Patience is the key

First things first, you need to be very patient throughout the stages of this procedure. Wave can be pretty tough to achieve as it requires regular training of your hair. Hair training is a time-consuming process, and it requires your patience and sincere efforts. You will be dealing with the natural curls in your hair. If you can do it properly, the reward that you will get is genuinely inset waves. So, if you are really up for it, you need to stay patient until the end.

Buy the materials

Now that you are mentally prepared to stay patient. It’s time you bought the materials which we will need throughout this process. You will need a hair lotion,wave pomade, shampoo and conditioner, A man’s hand brush, and lastly, a Du-rag or stocking cap made of Nylon or spandex.

Prepare your scalp & hair

You want to make sure that your scalp & hair is all set to be styled. Check if you have any scalp problems or dandruff. It would help if you got rid of these problems first before you start to style your hair. And preparation of your hair involves deep shampooing and conditioning. Keep in mind that it will not be possible for you to shampoo or condition your hair once you start styling it. It requires 1 to 2 weeks before you can do this again.

Purchase good quality ​wave shampoo and conditioner​for this purpose. You will find special shampoos and conditioners which have been produced to facilitate wave style. Using these will make your hair soft and easy to train. If you cannot manage a wave shampoo or conditioner, do not worry. Regular shampoo or conditioners will still do the job.

Apply lotion and pomade

After you are done with shampooing and conditioning, it is time to brush your hair. And this is no usual brushing. This brushing needs to be done in a specific manner. For this, take the right amount of pomade and lotion in your hands that is about the size of a one-dollar coin. Then start gently rubbing it into your dry hair. Make sure the pomade is evenly applied in every area of your scalp. When you are finished applying the lotion & pomade, you will notice white tinge all around your hair. You will feel like you put too much pomade in your hair, but that’s all right, you’ve nothing to worry about. Dampen a clean towel by putting it under hot water. Now twist it and place it on your hair a couple of minutes while applying a bit of pressure around your head. This will liquefy the pomade and enable it to immerse correctly into your hair.

Brush your hair correctly and regularly

Your hair is ready to be brushed now. Brush your hair down and out. Start from the crown of your head. Brush your back hair down towards your neck. Circularly clean your entire head while imagining your top as a small circle. Go all around the circle and brush your hairline visibly radially. It is essential to brush your hair evenly because many guys complain about not getting waves in their back hair, which means they have ignored or paid less attention to their back hair while brushing.

You can take the help of a mirror to check the back area of your hair to make sure you have brushed them properly. Now you will have to do this at least five times on each side at least three times a day and, of course, on a regular basis. Regular brushing will keep your hair steady and in place.

Wear a Du-Rag after brushing

Having finished all the steps mentioned above, it is time to put a Du-Rag or a stocking cap on your hair. The du-rag should be wrapped tight but not too tight. You have to keep it on your head for at least half an hour. Always do this after brushing your hair. Lastly, do not forget to wear that Du-rag of yours every time you go to sleep and during your leisure time.


The whole procedure mentioned above should be repeated multiple times throughout the day. The time required to get your desired waves varies from person to person, but usually, it takes around several months of continuous brushing to get there. If you are having trouble achieving the ​waves​,it simply means you will need more time to get them.

It might be longer than you expect, but hey! Just imagine those cool waves around your head and keep repeating these steps regularly, even if you do not see satisfactory results. You did not come all this way just to give up. Did you? Please note that the more time you require getting those waves, the deeper your streams will be.

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