Auto Window Tinting Services and Prices in UAE

The UAE is one of the few countries in the world that allows automobile owners to tint their car windows. However, it was not always the case. There was a time when the UAE had made window tinting illegal. Then the law was revised. Under the new law, vehicle owners could tint their windows up to 30 per cent. In 2017, the law was revised again. Now, you can tint up to 50 per cent.

This is a much-needed reform. Besides enhancing the vehicle’s appearance, window tinting offers other advantages too. The most important advantage is that it prevents direct sunlight from coming into your vehicle. During summers, the temperatures are already unbearable. When you go out to drive in the scorching sun, one may suffer from heat stroke. Therefore, window tinting is one of the most convenient ways to escape heat while driving.

Window tinting also offers privacy. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when some unknown person starts ogling into my car. I consider it a violation of my privacy and this may lead to a heated argument. Also, it offers protection again criminals. More often than not, one hears stories about car break-ins. You leave a laptop or phone on the seat; someone smashes the windows and steals your property. But with tinted windows, the thief won’t know what’s inside the car.

Enough about window tinting and its advantages. This article is about the different businesses offering window tinting services in their UAE along with their prices. Therefore, without wasting any more time, take a look. But before we do that, I must inform you beforehand regarding the prices.

Window Tinting Prices

The prices depend on multiple factors. Therefore, it is difficult to mention the exact price. For instance, there are different types of window tints. The prices vary for each type. Next, the window size also matters. Some cars have bigger windows. The price will be greater for them. Also, the price depends on how many windows you plan on getting tinted. 4 window tints will naturally cost more than 2 window tints. Therefore, confirm the price before getting the tints to avoid any issues.


The first on the list is PitStopArabia. Initially starting off as an online tire shop, this business has expanded multi-fold over the years. Besides offering car batteries in uae, car insurance, car maintenance and repair services, its newest venture is of window tinting. You can get window tints anywhere in the UAE thanks to PitStopArabia.

How? Well, PitStopArabia has a partnership with well-established, renowned car service centres and workshops throughout the UAE. It allows you to get your desired service (window tinting or any other) at any location in the UAE. Just give them a call for more information. Why choose them? Just take a look at the reviews. Plus, the company has grown rapidly over the years. Its only possible if the customers are satisfied.

Age Films

Another reliable window tinting business is Age Films. A close look at its reviews shows that the workshop hardly puts a foot wrong. Besides this, the employees are quite professional. In addition to this, the waiting time is minimal. My friend opted them a while back and he was thrilled at how speedy the whole process was. Age Films is in Dubai and Sharjah. After PitStopArabia, Age Films should be your go to shop for window tinting. We do advise our readers to make a booking to avoid any extra wait time.

3M Our Car Auto Accessories Fixing

Regarded as the pioneers of offering window tinting services in malls across Dubai, UAE, this is truly an innovative business. Their workmen do a marvellous job of tinting your vehicle, all the while you can relax and enjoy your time at the mall. The business famously claims that when you come back from your shopping, the window tints will be ready. How? Thanks to their professional & dedicated workforce that gets the job done without compromising on quality.

Tint World

When it comes to automotive styling and window tinting, Tint World is a major force to reckon with. The company’s reputation is built on quality, trust, and customer satisfaction. Do you own a multi-million-dollar vehicle and are afraid to hand it over to anyone? If that’s the case, then I assure you that Tint World is the right place for you. This place has a rich history of working on exotic cars. Their workmen are more than qualified and skilled to handle your multi-million-dollar vehicle without damaging it in any way. Set up an appointment to avoid any waiting time because Tint World is always hustling and bustling with customers.

Nano Car Tinting

The last on our list of car window tinting service providers in the UAE is Nano Car Tinting. Just because it is last on the list does not mean that its inferior to the others. Please note that the list is not in any order. Nano Car Tinting has been in the window tinting business for a long time. Its reputation is built on professionalism and quality work.

If you do not know about the basics of window tinting, some businesses might trick you into buying more expensive products. These products might not be according to your needs. However, Nano’s team is unlike others. They patiently guide each prospective customer about the different types of window tinting, and which one will be the best fit. Overall, we highly recommend you try Nano Car Tinting.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our article today. We hope that you find it interesting and informative. If anyone tries one of the above businesses, let us know about your experience in the comments section below. If you believe there is a better option than the list we have provided you with, we are open to feedback. Thank You.

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