Anna Alimani: Miss Elite USA 2020

Anna Alimani was born in San Francisco, grew up in Spokane Washington, moved to Beverly Hills, and now resides in New York City. At a young age, she discovered her passion for modeling and acting and has used an entrepreneurial mindset to pursue both in adulthood.

After graduating from Purdue University with a business degree, Anna started her career with McLaren of Beverly Hills; which taught her the skills of self-sufficiency and sales. Later, Anna was introduced to the world of real estate after watching Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing by the Altman brothers and subsequently became enamored with the reality show’s concept of interacting with people, creating a business for yourself, and living life on her own terms. This inspired her to get her New York real estate license, which has given her the means to break into the industry. “At the end of the day, we are all salespeople; the difference is how a person embraces it”  Anna says of her career path. 

Miss Elite Pageant 2020

Despite the highly competitive nature of the real estate industry and the fashion world, Anna has been making her presence felt in both. In December, she will be representing the United States in the finals of the international beauty pageant Miss Elite’s in Cairo, Egypt. The contestants will participate in a beauty camp before the competition where personal trainers catwalk experts and other consultants will put the contestants through a “competition boot camp” in preparation for the show. “The luxury hotel is nice and the event will definitely be a lot of fun, as well as a learning experience,” Anna remarked. And with the growing popularity of the pageant, it’s expected to generate a lot of exposure, pictures, and publicity for Anna.

Success and Grit 

Anna knows firsthand the cost of success and the sacrifices required to attain it.  Since beginning her modeling career at 18, the Bulgarian model has understood anything worth doing is worth doing well and has paid the physical, mental, and emotional price required to ascend the industry ladder. 

When she first moved from Spokane to Beverly Hills, she did so without a plan, following blind ambition.  She found work as a customer service representative but found it difficult to make industry connections. Frustrated and disappointed with the lack of progress she made, Anna wound up returning to Spokane to regroup and rethink her strategy.  Disappointed and embarrassed of the perception hometown people might have of her, she used that energy to rebuild herself with professional skills and renewed confidence.  A new job at an insurance company gave her business exposure and enabled her to save the funds necessary to give California a second chance.  Returning to California with an even greater passion, she found success.

Getting into the fashion industry 

“I’ve always been a very curious person and love trying different things, which is why I’ve had such a diverse professional career. When it came to modeling or acting, being in front of the camera makes me feel alive,” Alimani said.  When she returned to Beverly Hills she was signed by two agencies, which have allowed her to gain lots of work, both in L.A. and New York.  Over the last few years, she has taken part in various fashion weeks; worked in music videos, worked with Guess campaigns, worked as a model for various leading magazines, including various covers, and most recently, she was featured in Vogue Canada. 

Anna Lately  

Even with life on pause in New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic, Anna is using this time to build her brand and her business skills.  Part of that has been earning her New York real estate license online, but another part is establishing her online identity to maximize her goals of getting signed to a major agency and increasing her exposure.

5 Rules Anna Lives by

 Exercise regularly: The stress that comes with working in highly competitive industries in the pressure cooker of New York City can be overwhelming. In addition to being a necessity for my work, exercise does just as much for my mind as my body.  I feel my will and determination replenish after a good workout and my anxiety melts away.  I force myself to exercise every day because I know my mind needs it just as much as my body. 

Don’t forget why you started: Getting caught up in the day to day minutiae can make us forget what actually gives meaning to our lives. Have a vision board, write them down, and carry them with you. Do whatever it takes to keep your goals in sight.

 Keep the company of good people: You are the average of the five people you spend the most amount of time with.  Who they are determine who you are, and their influence can make a huge difference in your life. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people and cut ties with anyone negative only looking to take from you

Never give up: There are going to be times when it feels like nothing could possibly go right again and the whole world is conspiring against you.  Stop. Pause. Remember back to previous adversity that you’ve overcome and the steps you took to overcome it.  Nothing good in life is easy, so never stop and keep going. 

Repetition: Every day, remind yourself what you want from your life and the ways you’re going to make it happen. We are creatures of habit and repetition and making your goals real in the mind is the most powerful way to make them happen in reality. 

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