Top 5 Trends of Men’s Jewelry from Celebrities

Like all fashion, men’s jewelry is constantly changing and developing new trends. With mass media inundating virtually every part of our lives, many men now take their lead from celebrities they see in movies, television, and advertisements. Celebrities don’t determine fashion trends all by themselves, but what they wear does often showcase the current fad. Here are some of the current trends in men’s jewelry. By paying attention to these trends and considering what you want in your own outfit, you might find yourself with some ideas for a unique ensemble including one or more pieces of jewelry that show off your own special sense of style and personality.

Bulky Rings

Men have worn rings for centuries, but those rings have traditionally been thicker versions of the simple bands or studded rings that women wear. Modern trends have pushed toward much larger and bulkier rings. Many celebrities have sported these large rings lately, and Jay Z is a big fan of bulky rings in particular. Bulky rings provide a subtle sign or wealth, power, and strength. Additionally, the larger surface area of these rings allows for intricate custom designs, allowing a man to show off his personality more. Even simple rings, such as normal wedding bands, can be customized with engravings and special designs to allow them to show off a sense of personal style.


While many consider earrings to be exclusively women’s accessories, many men enjoy a single earring as part of their daily ensemble. These “lonely earrings” show a level of confidence and security. Traditionally, men have opted for small stud earrings, but some celebrities, such as Will Smith, now choose larger and more prominent studs that draw more attention while not taking too much attention away from the rest of the ensemble. Additionally, hoop earrings could be a comfortable option for a stylish men who want something that people will notice.


A watch used to be a standard men’s accessory, but the proliferation of cell phones has made them increasingly obsolete. While some men still wear watches, and indeed luxury watches will never go out of style, many have moved on to bracelets and other wrist accessories to fill the void. Men’s bracelets can come in a variety of different precious metals, but many also opt for gemstones or beads that show off a piece of their heritage. There are a wide range of black diamond bracelets from an Italian manufacturer available for those who would like to add a little bit of luxury to their ensemble. Those who opt for beaded bracelets often delve into their family’s history, as people from across the world and throughout history have used different beaded bracelets to show off a unique culture.


Necklaces have a long history as a significant part of men’s fashion. From simple pendants to elaborate cords and beads, they have historically been used to show off a person’s heritage, aspirations, and power. Modern men’s necklaces range from simple chokers to heavy chains made of precious metals. Necklaces are very easy to hide when you want and reveal when appropriate, making them versatile accessories. Many celebrities use the customizability of necklaces to show off their sense of style. For example, Zac Brown emphasizes his unique style with raven necklaces using the jewelry as both a form of branding and a reinforcement of identity.

Clothes Accessory

Of course, the main part of anyone’s ensemble is the clothing they wear. A good combination of accessories with high-fashion clothing can really make the outfit pop. Celebrities have increasingly taken the opportunity to wear custom cufflinks, tie clips sports precious gems and metals, brooches, and other highly visible custom jewelry. Perhaps no single icon showcases the value of clothes accessories more than James Bond. The epitome of masculinity for many people, Bond the character has been played from a wide range of actors, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. Each of these men has brought a unique sense of fashion with specially-designed accessories to their roles.

While many people think about fashion jewelry as primarily focused toward women, the realm of men’s fashion accessories is just as deep and fascinating. Utilizing rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories can help transform an outfit from something to generic to a truly unique and dazzling look. When considering clothing for your own outfit, make sure to consider how additional jewelry might highlight unique parts of your clothing while also giving you a platform to show off what makes you unique as a person.

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