Odds of casino jackpots explained

Perhaps you hear about these stories too often – someone has a go at one of the casino jackpot games, and wins the grand prize. Maybe you’re unsure and don’t quite believe it at this point as you’ve heard about it so much. What are the real odds of casino jackpots? 

For simplicity, we’ll cover the odds of winning a casino jackpot with slots. Online slots are prevalent now and this makes the odds of hitting a winning symbol combination all the more dependent on the reel setup. Unlike casino games like poker, a slot machine jackpot win doesn’t happen with skill. 

Look at the slots RTP percentage 

When it comes to winning the casino games jackpot with slots, one of the first things to do is check out your online slots RTP percentage. The RTP is the return to player which will indicate just how much money a casino can return to players over a certain period of time. 

For example, one of the best online slots might have an RTP percentage of 96 per cent. What that means is that when you play with 100 spins on this slot with a £1 a spin stake, this particular slot machine will pay out £96. That 4 per cent is £4 – the online casino profit, otherwise known as the house edge. 

Don’t ignore the RNG 

Another factor of online slots that will effect your odds of winning the jackpot is the random number generator. Back in the day before technology ruled over us all, one form of a random number generator was the roll of a dice, picking a card or flipping a coin. 

With the rise of digital, more random number combinations were needed in the online casino realm, and so we needed to develop some digital RNGs too. The algorithm that makes up the RNG of an online casino creates long strands of numbers, and it’s this that controls the RTP rates of online casino games. 

A slot pay line will also affect the odds of casino jackpots 

Slot pay lines and understanding them are pretty straightforward and easy to get your head around. Pay lines are the amount of pay lines you can bet on at slots. It’s the pay line that is going to get you the rewards when you hit winning combinations on that line. 

Online slot pay lines can run straight across the reels, zig-zag, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. However, no matter what, a winning pay line always pays out as long as you’ve bet on it. Or, in other words, activated that specific pay line. These affect your odds of winning in a big way, so do keep an eye on them. 

All in all, the odds of casino jackpots with slots are decent. A win is all down to your luck though, unlike other kinds of casino games like poker. But, as long as you make sure to have fun, the odds will always be on your side.

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