Brandon Davis Is A Content Creator Who Uses His Platform To Connect With Others And Be Himself

Brandon Davis is a creator from Granbury, North Texas, who had been involved in sports, especially football, since his youth. For him, sports was both a passion and a way to go to college. It was, in a lot of ways, the best of both worlds for Brandon. But his career in sports was cut short and today he is most known as a content creator.

“I’ve been very involved in sports as a child, mainly football and athletics. After high school, I got a scholarship to play football at Louisiana Tech University and Montana State University. Although I got to the next level of sports by playing in Division 1, it was never my dream to go to the NFL.” Brandon recounts.

Despite having a great capacity and talent for the game, it was Brandon’s indifference that led to multiple injuries to the point that he was removed from college sports. When playing sports like football in the United States, there is a culture that pushes athletes to do more and get more attention for the school. Brandon was not properly taking care of himself in order to do this, which caused problems in the long run.

I only used sports as a form of free school because I was good enough to do so, so I never took college football too seriously. My indifferent attitude toward sports had caused me to get injured several times because I wasn’t taking care of my body properly. After my first year of college, I had been injured too many times to the point that I was medically withdrawn from college sports.” Brandon remarks. 

There is a saying: You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it. That is exactly what Brandon experienced. However, Brandon didn’t sit idly by. Instead, he focused on improving his physique through weightlifting, which eventually led him to do photography sessions as a model, at the same time as he was doing dropshipping. 

I never realized how much I loved the sport until I couldn’t play anymore, which was pretty devastating for a while.” Brandon states.

Currently, Brandon manages an Only Fans account, which is a business model in which content is shared and content creators can earn money. In his OnlyFans, Brandon creates exclusive content and uses this platform as a space to be himself with his subscribers.

I create exclusive content for people to watch that they can only access by subscribing to my channel for $10 a month. This business is very similar to Netflix, that’s why I was so attracted to it. I started reading about the subscription business and thought it would be a good way to have a steady income every month. This business is also solely online-based and you can operate from almost anywhere the Internet is available. All you need is your phone, a camera, a tripod, a gimbal, a laptop, and some friends to help you create the content and the set.” Brandon says.

In 2019, Brandon participated in the MTV reality show “Are You The One?” He is now based in the East Coast and has continued to grow a number of followers by engaging with them through constant creation of content relating to things he likes such as fitness and travel.

Brandon tells us that with Only Fans he has managed to do what he had always dreamed of. He saw that so many people were making money this way and wanted to do it himself. For him, this was a way to achieve the financial freedom that he always dreamed of on top of providing services to people for content that they want.

 “What really motivated me to start with Only Fans is the fact that so many people were doing what I wanted to do with their lives and I wanted to have the same freedom and lifestyle that they had. Only Fans gives you the possibility to do what you like and create content for people who are willing to pay for what you have to offer. It’s a subscription-based business that gave me the ability to have a self-sufficient income each month just by consistently publishing exclusive content that people requested to see. Seeing so many people living their best lives doing this was enough motivation for me to at least try. Plus, seeing the numbers people were producing made me feel foolish not to try it.” Brandon remarks.

Brandon’s next projects are to create a massive network for Only Fans that allows people to access content more easily. This would create more financial freedom for Brandon and the people who have helped make his dreams come true. He also has some other opportunities on the pipeline he will be sharing soon!

I want to create a business network using Only Fans to bring in an additional income stream. Teach people how to earn income by doing what they like to do and potentially turn it into their full-time business. I also want start a brand that I won’t talk much about yet, but it will be in the e-commerce space. And, of course, I want to continue working with great photographers and brands for photoshoots and content for Only Fans as well. That won’t stop.” Brandon claims.

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