A Good Mentor And An Even Better Team: What Megan Shears Recommends For Building Your Business

Megan Shears does it all. She is a 23-year-old Texan woman who manages a couple of dropshipping businesses, is also a model and runs the hair and beauty brand called Bizarre Beauty Bar and the six-figure marketing agency Marketing Wizards through which she helps businesses increase revenue. 

In addition, Megan has a huge upcoming brand for Vegans called “Vegan Gummies”, which sells Vegan Vitamin Gummies, Vegan CBD Gummies and Vegan Candy Gummies. Through all her ventures, Megan engages with diverse niches and audiences.

Although Megan went to college and did very well, she did not feel she was learning anything of value. When her father had a stroke, she decided to drop out of college and move back to Houston to help him and get a job at a check cashing place.

“I would count hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and it would kind of upset me only bringing home $400-500 every two weeks working full-time. I knew there had to be more to life than working long, hard hours with no breaks, standing on my feet for over 8 hours, dealing with angry, annoying customers, and cleaning parking lots for the same lousy pay. I was tired of trading my time for money. I finally isolated myself from friends and family for a whole year to change my entire mindset.” Megan shares.

After doing some research finding ways to make money, Megan discovered dropshipping. She created her own dropshipping business and experienced multiple trials and errors. With the money she started to earn, she decided to invest in her education and absorbed information from podcasts, books, courses and events.

“I created a hair/beauty brand called ‘Bizarre Beauty Bar’ and celebrities wore my wigs such as Tammy Hembrow, HiMyNameIsTee and many others within a few months of creating my brand. After learning marketing, and got a taste of success, I continued dropshipping with my new skill set and experienced real success with dropshipping. Now, I own several companies including ‘Marketing Wizards’, ‘Vegan Gummies’, and a few dropshipping stores making over 6 figures.” Megan explains.

Today, Megan is able to help people change their financial income by teaching them to make their own online business, as well as sharing her experience growing multiple businesses and starting from scratch.

In fact, because Megan started out so young when crafting her business, she has faced a lot of challenges to get where she is today. Not only did she have to deal with the general complications of starting a business, but also all of the added features of being a young, female entrepreneur.

“The biggest challenges when starting a business are staying focused, persistent, patient and having good time management. As a young person, it can be hard to stay focused when everyone your age is partying and having fun but you have to keep your mind focused on the long-term goal. You eventually have to put in the work and long hours to really get the life you dream of so might as well start now.” Megan shares.

Persistency is also a challenging skill to learn and something that Megan had to master as well. For her, it can be difficult to be persistent with goals when times get tough because of the obstacles she had to surmount. Megan says the key is to keep pushing through the challenges by believing in yourself.

“If you really believe in your vision, that is what you have to focus on. If you say you are going to complete something, you need to do just that no matter what. To stay motivated you need to have confidence and to get the confidence you need to get some wins, even if they are small. The brain doesn’t know the difference between a small win or a big win, a win is a win.” Megan explains.

For anyone wishing to start their own business, Megan recommends a few things. In particular, she stresses the power that a mentor can have on setting the foundation towards success. 

“Follow or learn from someone else who has done something similar to what you are trying to do or someone who has had tremendous success. As an entrepreneur, you don’t always have to learn from your own trial and error. When you stand on the shoulders of giants, you can expedite your success.” Megan advises.

In addition to a strong mentor or teacher to guide you through the difficulties of starting a business, Megan also says that building a strong team is crucial. To do so, you need to understand yourself and your strengths. 

“Building a strong team is also the backbone of a strong business. Know what you’re good at and not so good at to fill the gaps in the leadership team and leave the things you are less good at to people who dedicate their whole life to that skill, trust me you will be way better off.” Megan points out.

Megan’s next projects include scaling her dropshipping businesses and brands, her marketing agency Marketing Wizards, and going full force with the “Vegan Gummies” brand. She also wants to educate and help as many people as possible, especially women, become financially free.

To find out more about Megan and her work, you can follow her here.

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