5 Ways Learning to Play the Drums can Improve Your Quality of Life

Of all the percussion instruments, the drums might very well be the most popular instrument in the modern music industry. The sheer versatility of a drum set will make anyone want to take up a pair of drumsticks and just smack away until an amazing beat comes out or until all of the stress dissipates from your body. Yes, that is the power of the drums, and learning to play them is definitely one of the best ways to elevate your quality of life over the long term.

You see, it’s not just about the music even though that is the primary part – it’s also about the healing and restorative power of the drums, not to mention that percussions can help you achieve numerous other goals in life and become more successful. With all of that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the how learning to play the drums can improve your quality of life across the board.

A fun pastime activity

The first and most obvious way drums spice up your life is that they’re a lot of fun. While many other instruments are tough to get into when you’re a novice because everything you do makes it sound like you’ve stepped on your cat’s tail, beating your drumsticks on a snare and a high cymbal while smacking your pedal on a bass drum is fun no matter what. When you’re just starting out, you will have tons of fun just hitting the drums at first, after which you will feel motivated to learn some rhythms and some basic techniques to connect and create different rhythm lines at the same time.

This makes learning to play the drums fun and rewarding instead of making it a chore and a deeply-disappointing experience. Take the guitar, for example. Everyone wants to play the guitar, but nobody wants to put the hours in because it takes a lot of practice until you’re actually able to play something that makes sense. With the drums, on the other hand, every step of the learning journey will be fun and engaging, making it one of the best hobbies you can have.

Drum the stress away

Speaking of having fun while you’re learning to play an instrument, there is no denying that learning the guitar, the piano, or God forbid the violin, can actually cause more stress and anxiety than you had to begin with. Now, if part of your decision to learn an instrument is that you want to minimize stress, then you either need to be extremely motivated, or you need to choose an instrument that’s a natural stress-reliever.

As you might have guessed, the drums can help you relieve stress like no other instrument out there. While learning the drums is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, it is still an activity that allows you to bash and bang your way to success, and the simple act of whacking at the drums is enough to release the happiness hormones into your bloodstream and help you banish stress. Over time, drumming will become your healthy addiction, and it will become your go-to tool for eliminating stress and anxiety from your life.

Start creating your own music

A big part of learning to play an instrument is, of course, learning to one day write your own music. Now, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you should become a musician if that’s not your goal (although you could), but it does mean that you should strive to become an artist and compose your own music one day – because creating music is one of the most rewarding things you could do in life.

Making music can be difficult without a professional recording studio setup, however, newer drum sets like the electric Roland TD 50 kit come with built-in features that allow you to record and mix your own music on the spot, which is a great way to express yourself and record your music for future editing, use, and even publication. Plus, if you opt for a fully-electric drum set, you can even practice day and night without disturbing the neighbors by simply plugging in a set of headphones.

Exercise your brain and stimulate intellectual development

Practicing, making music, mixing tunes, and playing in a group or solo, all of these activities can have a profound impact on your emotional and psychological well-being. Every instrument will help you develop your cognitive skills and talents, and it can also help you thrive in other areas of your life by teaching you discipline, perseverance, and the value of hard work. Of course, drumming is right up there with the best and most rewarding instruments on the market.

For one, intermediate and advanced drumming techniques are extremely complex and require razor-sharp focus, a lot of practice, and plenty of trial and error. Learning to separate the rhythm in all of your limbs is a particularly difficult challenge, and it will force you to step out of your comfort zone and stimulate your brain and intellectual development. Over time, you will find that these techniques allow you to solve various problems more easily, while learning in general becomes a breeze.

It’s a great way to work out

Last but not least, it’s always important to remember that playing the drums can be a rigorous workout, which is always a great way to stay on top of your physical game and maintain overall health. Yes, it is true that you shouldn’t be stiff while playing, rather that you should be relaxed and agile, but there is also no denying that playing the drums is more physical than playing any other instrument, and it can really challenge your stamina and endurance. This makes it the perfect choice when you want to combine a good workout with something truly productive, creative, and rewarding.

Wrapping up

Learning to play an instrument is a deeply rewarding experience, no matter if you’re playing the drums of the flute. That said, drumming is truly a unique hobby, one that can elevate your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, so be sure to take up drumming in order to improve our quality of life for good.

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