Question Of The Week: Your Podcast On Repeat

I write about movies. I write about TV. I write about music. Sometimes, I write about cooking and food shows on YouTube. You know what I haven’t written about much? Podcasts. That’s odd, given that I probably spend more time per week with podcasts than any other entertainment. I listen to them when I work, I’m listening to a podcast as I write this, which means I am a podcast junkie. That leads to this week’s question: What podcast, if any, do you listen to on repeat?

There are podcasts I really like, even love, that I don’t re-listen to episodes of. Comedy Bang! Bang! is one of my faves but I never really delve into an episode a second time. There are three podcasts that I will turn to when I need something to listen to, like when I am doing my morning routine or if I go to bed early but want to have something to listen to while I wait to fall asleep. Those three podcasts are The Flop House, Doughboys, and Stop Podcasting Yourself.

The Flop House is my all-time favorite. In it, three dudes, Dan McCoy, Stuart Wellington, and Elliott Kalan watch a movie that is a critical or commercial flop and they talk about it. Sort of. They also just make a ton of jokes about random stuff. It’s just so funny. Having listened to most episodes a few times now it’s not really in my rotation as heavily.

The Doughboys Are More Than Meets The Ear

Doughboys is less traditionally funny. It’s just completely insane in an entertaining way. Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell are two lunatics who are joined by a guest to talk about a fast food or fast casual chain. Places like Chili’s and Chipotle. They are both funny, but a lot of the entertainment for the show comes from Wiger and Mitch being so idiosyncratic and weird and also fighting all the time. Of course, that can make relistening to some episodes a bit of a chore, but I have certainly listened to most episodes a few times.

Stop Podcasting Yourself is an old-school podcasts. They have well over 600 episodes now. Two Canadian comedians, Dave Shumka and Graham Clark, talk to a guest, usually another Canadian comedian. That’s it. Like I said, it was an early podcast. Back then you didn’t need a hook. Because I didn’t know most of the guests, it took me a bit to get into it. It turns out Dave and Graham are hilarious, and so are many of their guests. This led to Stop Podcasting Yourself becoming my go-to podcast when there wasn’t a new episode of another show I like to listen to. Now, I just re-listen to old episodes. For the last few months, it’s been the podcast I listen to on repeat.

If you’re a podcast listener, what’s your show that you find yourself listening to over and over?

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