Forex Trader Known As FxLifestyle Earns $250,000 Per Month & Started With $60

Very few people can say that they make money while they sleep. Samir Tahir aka FxLifestyle is one of the select few people who has this ability due to his hard work and perseverance building a multi million dollar Forex trading empire. He is now traveling the world and helping others achieve this same level of success by letting people copy his trades for free with his Forex signals.

“I was born in a dangerous part of London UK with high crime, this gave me the motivation to work hard & get out of there! For over 10 years, I have been trading Forex and seen the good and the bad side! Now, I finally cracked the code & earn up to $250,000 profit per month.”  Recounts FxLifestyle.

For FxLifestyle, the internet has been crucial to magnifying his success and financial freedom, he believes that showing his followers his successful lifestyle will motivate them and show them what they could live like if they work hard. FxLifestyle has over half a million followers on all his social media channels and a huge online Forex signal company, which he shares his trades with for his members to copy.

“The main thing for me as a young kid was my future. I said to myself that I have to work hard otherwise i’ll never become successful! Forex trading was the most attractive thing for me at the time because you could work from literally ANYWHERE in the world.”  Exclaims FxLifestyle.

His talents of making money through Forex trading has allowed FxLifestyle to make millions of dollars from anywhere in the world, including on vacation. His income went from a couple thousand dollars during college to making millions of dollars. Now, FxLifestyle makes money while he sleeps, from the comfort of his own home, or while traveling.

“I went from making $1000 a week at college to then growing my small profits Into several millions of dollars In less than 3 years. My biggest accomplishment and challenge was turning $50 Into $100,000 In 12 months time simply as a test to myself! I have also traveled to over 75 countries while making money from my phone, and I am now helping others do the same with my Forex signals!” Explains FxLifestyle.

Since achieving so much success, FxLifestyle has been helping others do the same. He created his own online Forex company to help others earn profits through Forex trading, send them all his live trades for them to copy on a daily basis, and is now teaching them all his multi million dollar Forex trading strategies.

“Before I take my Forex trades, I always send them to over 500,000+ followers of mine to copy and profit with me. The goal of the Forex signals are to make people profit & also help them learn more about Forex as I believe Forex signals are a great way to learn” Says FxLifestyle.

FxLifestyle’s trading career, though now incredibly successful, did not start off that way. He had to change some major things about the way he was going about life and thinking about things in order to make the massive shift to the top of the game. This was not a simple and easy journey for FxLifestyle.

“In order for you to become successful, you have to think different and go your own route” States Samir Tahir / FxLifestyle.

FxLifestyle believes this year will be the most profitable trading year of his life and for many of his trading signal followers. FxLifestyle will be moving to Dubai by the end of this year and will be opening Trading offices throughout the Middle East, Asia, USA and Europe.

What Is FxLifestyle’s Net worth?

FxLifestyle’s Net worth Is currently at around $4.7 Million Dollars as of 2020.  FxLifestyle currently drives a Gold Bentley & a $350,000 Lamborghini.

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