Today we are pleased to team up with the folks at Handmade for the premiere of their new music video for “The Way It Feels,” an energetic visual that captures the Foster The People-esque vibe of the songs with a very quirky fun video that certainly will not leave you indifferent.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “The Way It Feels”?

This song is an anthem for all the people who feel afraid to express themselves in their own skin. A call to everyone to embrace their quirky side and enjoy life.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

This song blossomed from a local show we attended back in 2018. The energy that the band created for the crowd was what inspired us to start writing more upbeat music. 

We worked with the opening riff first to create a base of groove we thought would be fun to dance to, from there the rest of the song unfolded with ease. 

Tell us about the video for the track?

The video is simple, It basically mirrors the message of the song. We follow our star and close friend Stu Ciseki who seems sad and shy. He is taunted by visions of confident individuals who aren’t afraid to show their colours and spirit. These strangers demonstrate this through dancing in all kinds of random settings. They seem to have no qualms with acting silly in front of other people and are happy to be enjoying themselves in their own skin. 

Stu looks as though he wants to join in on the fun but doesn’t know how to break his own fears and insecurities. Each new dancer he meets increasingly tries to encourage him to overcome his anxieties of expression. He ends up at a party in the end of the video where he is completely surrounded by people dancing. You can see the battle rising in his own mind to join everyone else, until finally he gets up from the couch at the end. From there we cut the video short and let our viewers decide if he truly conquered his fears or ran from them. 

How was the recording and writing process?

Our writing process with songs are always different. This song seemed to jump off the page and write itself within the band effortlessly. We were lucky to have a smooth recording process with the song as well. We had the opportunity to record drums in the Tap Room of a local brewery that our band leader, Connor Mead works for, so that was a cool experience in itself. Our guitarist Wil Moralda, is a skilled producer and the rest of the song was easily put together in his home studio. 

The Way It Feels was a song we had up our sleeve for a long time, so once we recorded it we already knew how we wanted it to sound and come together in the studio. We had fun playing around with synth sounds to layer within the waves of the song and recruited our good friend Siby Humayun to play some smooth groovey sax parts within the mix.  

What role does Calgary play in your music?

The Calgary music scene has always challenged us to grow and evolve through the inspiration we draw from older more established bands. We are lucky to have such a network of varying skill and talent in Calgary musicians, and an underlying aspect of community and friendship that continues to encourage and shape us. There is a growing love and demand for groovy disco pop and RnB flare in our local scene that persuades us to write and perform that style of music. 

Does the new single mean we can expect a new album soon – how’s that coming along?

There isn’t necessarily an album concept that we will be releasing, however, we have a string of singles that we will be making available throughout the rest of 2020. There will be a lot of new songs to look forward to and we plan to collaborate with many different artists and mediums to promote these singles through single art, merch, feature musicians etc. 

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Our single “The Way It Feels” will be available on all platforms as soon as June 26th. From there we plan to continue releasing all the new singles we have recorded anywhere between 3 weeks to a month apart from that date. 

What other aspects of social anxiety will you get to explore?

The next single we plan to release is titled “Tell Me About It” and it definitely explores social anxieties as well. The fears we harbour in trusting ourselves and our peers. The ideas that we don’t always reach out to people when we need them or tell them when we are experiencing hardships and vice versa. 

What else is happening next in Handmade’s world?

As we have already mentioned, we have a lot of content ready to go for the rest of the year. We have a few local visual artists that we have teamed up with to promote our music as well as these artists talents – like our beautiful friend Steph Love who worked hard on producing the lovely single art for “The Way It Feels”.

Our time in quarantine this year inspired a whole new collection of songs fronted heavily by our keyboard player and vocalist Elicia Bravo. We hope to have those songs in recording process before the end of the year and may be compiling them to keep releasing a constant stream of singles or gather together in the form of an EP or album.

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