Nice Walking Tour

Nice is definitely a worth visiting place, and it always sounds best if the place you want to visit is splendid and worth visiting.

Nice is a very beautiful city in France but, do not let the pronunciation fool you, as most of the people might take it wrong. And the real pronunciation is (“Nees”). That is how you take it. Let us take you through the amazing Nice Walking Tour.

Another interesting thing that you might find interesting is that Nice city gets a lot of tourist attractions for the whole year, and of course, we are not talking about today. As of Corona Virus, the place is restricted to have visitors. So, we will walk you through some of the best places that you can visit in the future.

Let us talk about some top-rated tourist attractions places.

Vieille Ville (Old Town)

This is one of the best old towns in Nice, and it is definitely worth visiting if you love narrow alleys, and the environment created by such places. Then for sure, you would love it. It is a picturesque old town with cobblestone streets.

And also, it is widely known as Babazouk. This beautiful town begins at the western end of the Colline du Chateau (the Castle Hill).

The southern end of this town sells a lot of items, and you can get fresh food, groceries, and other fresh products. And another thing which might interest you is the flower market.

If you love flowers, then you should surely keep the flower market in your list, this is one of the best places for flower lovers. And it also beautifies the place.

Along the way, while you have The Nice walking tour, you can explore a lot of things. There are historical places for you that include. Palais de la Préfecture, the Nice Cathedral, a 17th-century Baroque church, you will surely love these places, especially if you have a thing for history.

Parc de la Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill Park)

Another nice worth visiting the place is the castle hill park, you will love the stunning views, and you can capture a lot of beautiful landscapes and scenes. And especially the sunset and sunrise look pretty amazing too.

The castle hill has an overlooking view of the coastline that no doubt looks pretty significant. Back in about 1706, it was the property of King Louis XlV, but now it is merely an attraction point but definitely worth visiting one.

You will find shady green trees, the waterfalls that create quite a nice atmosphere. Also you will find different restaurants and shops to buy things from such as boutiques.

And from this point of view, you can imagine how popular it is, and people so often love visiting the place that they even have set up restaurants and shops there.

Another nice thing about the castle hill is that it has decoration lighting. At night it is illuminated, and it looks lovely. You would surely love it and would love to capture the moments while you stay there.

As a visitor, you can take an escalator that will lead you to the castle hill, and it is fun, you will enjoy it, and the second-best option is visiting the place in the train. If you do not want to have an Art-Deco lift, then you can also arrive at the place on foot, and it is just about your convenience and what you love the most. But I recommend you to take the lift and also take the train once so you will enjoy it. The little tourist train departs from Quai des États-Unis. You can know a lot more at nice fun tours.

All these things are amazing to experience, and there are even a lot more than you can enjoy in your Nice walking tour.

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