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If men have oily skin, it is mostly due to excessive sebum production. The problem areas are referred to as the T-Zone. It covers the forehead, nose, and chin. Here, the unwanted greasy shine on the skin is often particularly intense.

The excess of sebum also leads to impurities and pimples in many cases. So there are good reasons to take care of oily skin with the right care. You can also visit Mens website by visiting the link to know about men.

Regular washing with hydrogel

The most important thing for care against oily skin is regular, i.e. daily washing. Hydrogels, which contain no fat and are specially tailored to the needs of men’s skin, are an optimal solution. Among other things, they contain zinc or silicon – both substances that cannot be found in care products for women.

They are supposed to regulate the production of sebum and prevent the appearance of new pimples. The antibacterial effect also prevents blemishes.

Peels and creams

In addition to basic care with a hydrogel, peeling is recommended from time to time. Ideally, use the appropriate products once or twice a week. The peeling removes dead skin cells from the pores and thus helps to improve the complexion.

Gels and masks provide the skin with the moisture it needs. In addition to products from the drugstore, you can also rely on home remedies such as healing earth or curd cheese, especially when using masks.

If you are prone to dry skin anyway, you should choose a shower gel that is tailored to your skin’s needs. Use the shower gel sparingly so as not to remove moisture from your skin unnecessarily.

Causes of dry skin

Many men suffer from dry and itchy skin, which may even flake in some places. The reasons for this can be very different. Intensive showering and the use of shower gels can dry out the skin, even the dry heating air in winter is a burden for the largest organ in humans.

Apply the cream after showering

The best time to apply the body lotion is immediately after taking a shower. The skin is now freshly cleaned and well prepared for the inclusion of the care substances in the lotion. Most products move in quickly and are no longer visible after two minutes.

The right body lotion for every skin type

You can find a large selection of different body lotions for men’s care on the market. They differ in their composition and are each suitable for a specific skin type. Men with dry and sensitive skin are best served with those lotions that are fatty and restore the skin’s natural protective layer.

Successful start to the day

A hot shower in the morning is a fixed ritual of personal care for many men. The warm water has an invigorating effect and helps to start the day. If you are also a “warm shower”, you should not overdo it in terms of temperatures.

Experts recommend showering no more than 35 degrees and no more than three minutes a day. Otherwise, you risk damaging the natural protective layer of the skin.

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