Interview With Artist and Entrepreneur Alex Castle

How did you make a name for yourself in your industry?

I’m still making my name in the industry, I focus on improving my brand and continuing to grow a successful company. I have worked for almost seven years on creating my art technique as a hobby, not realizing it would be an essential part of my future. 

What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now?

As a child, I faced abuse and trauma. Along the way, I lost and learned but I also grew and gained life experiences. I finished high school early and started at a junior college program while working sometimes two jobs during the day until transferring to USC.

How did you overcome these obstacles?

During this time I came to realize how connected everything in life is, how one person’s actions affect everything and everyone around them. It was frustrating to not have a voice in these situations so I started creating my art style as a way to express myself, to represent how connected everything and everyone is in life. 

What makes you different within your industry?

My attention to detail and providing the best quality in both my products and the relationships I work to build with my clients and people I meet on an everyday basis. I center myself around helping people, whether it’s providing them with the warmest comfortable hoodie, art print, or helping them through daily struggles with providing advice or just being an outlet to listen to what’s going on and ways to move forward.

How does your business help others? 

I provide support to other local small businesses and work on advocating for various causes whether it’s fundraising, donating proceeds, or helping people through things they are struggling with. My mindset is based on the principle that when I’m in the situation to help individuals I do in whatever capacity they need and I am able to provide.

What keeps you motivated?

Seeing the happiness I can give to people and the success I have so far keeps me motivated to want to continue growing my brand. Wanting to grow and help more people keeps me motivated.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be? 

Create a support group around yourself. There will be days where everything feels hopeless and it’s hard to see the bigger picture, having positive people around you who want you to succeed will help you see past it and see all your accomplishments.  

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