How to clean and sanitize your bounce house?

Are you planning to set up a bounce house rental business? If yes, then let me tell you have made a fab decision and the outside world considers it’s a glamorous industry that is all about setting a bounce house, pulling it, collecting money and work is done. That’s not the reality, there are several other tasks which need to be performed accurately else the business won’t succeed. Among all the other things, cleaning a commercial bounce house is one and utmost important thing that you should know.

If the inflatable has not been cleaned for a long period of time then mold and mildew which can chew through your bounce house and then you will have nothing to do with your bouncy house similar to termites destroy the wood and make it useless.

After the spread pf COVID-19 Pandemic, people now want more hygiene and safety for their kids. The cleaning and drying process is therefore mandatory for your business to grow. Once it is used, it is important to clean for the next use.

So, here in this post I am sharing certain tips and the complete process for cleaning, sanitizing, and drying the bounce house. As you are a beginner so first few times, cleaning process might be time consuming for you but later you will find it easy. Don’t worry, you don’t need to perform any difficult tasks, just a few steps and your work will be done. Here every single step can be performed in multiple ways you need to check which one is easy and less time consuming for you. So, let’s start with the guide of cleaning an inflatable.

  • Step 1 – Initial preparations

Before you start cleaning the bouncer you need to perform certain critical preparatory tasks to make the process faster and safer for you.

Start with bringing all the equipment that you will need for cleaning the water slide bounce house.

Here is the list which contains some mandatory items along with some optional gear –

  • Large waterproof tarp
  • One broom and handheld brush
  • A bucket with sponges, wash rags, and a soft brush
  • Bleach free dish soap
  • A garden hose with a spraying head (make sure a continuous water supply)
  • Vinegar and bleach free disinfecting wipes
  • Clean, dry towels or you can also use rags (in good quantity)

Optional –

  • Shop Vacuum
  • A leaf blower
  • Rubber gloves
  • Music (in case it encourages you to do work speedily)

What not to bring

  • Make sure you are not carrying or wearing any sharp objects or jewelries  like hair pins, necklace, earrings, rings, keys, pens,etc.
  • If possible keep your phone away as this may distract you thus cleaning process may take more time then what is required.

Preparations for the cleaning solution –

A solution can easily be made with three things, warm water, vinegar, and dish soap. Make sure to add these things in the below given proportion –

Three parts of water, one part vinegar, and some drops of dish soap.

You need to put the bounce house on a waterproof tarp, inspect it and remove any loose debris. Bounce house consists of a lot of accessories and also with some attachable components. Remove all those components such as ladders, net, art panels, etc. and clean them separately.

Deflate the inflatable and roll it on the large tarp. Use a hand brush and broom to remove the dirt that is visible to you. Apply some homemade cleaner to those areas which come in contact first and those which are looking dirty. Rinse and remove the cleaner. With the help of a clean and dry towel, dry up the bounce house. Let it be the dry in the sunlight

Step 2 – Inspection

Now, a thorough visual inspection is required by which you can make assumptions how much and what work you need to do. It will lessen the mistakes and also make your work more accurate and timely. During this step, you need to check if there is any damage to the material, find out tears and rips.

Also, you need to carefully check the build-ups of dust at the corners. Often kids enjoy playing and eating simultaneously therefore chances are that you may find dropped pizzas or spilled juices which can also damage your bounce house. Sticky areas, mold or mildew are not easily visible that’s why a thorough inspection is must.

Wet and clean every part with the homemade bounce house cleaner.

Step 3 – Disinfecting the bounce house

Bounce house is now almost cleaned but it is to be disinfected as many children will be going to use your equipment and their protection is your duty. Disinfect will ensure that no more cold or flu viruses will spread for your bouncy house. For disinfecting a commercial bounce house, use bleach-free disinfecting wipes, using bleach will disinfect your bounce house.  In case there are mold and mildew in the inflatable then you may need to use bleach.

With the help of wipes, wipe down the areas such as railings, sidewalls, netting, ladders, zippers, and other areas where you think children or any other person place their hands on it. 

Step 4 – Drying everything

Now it’s time for the last step that is to dry the bounce house and its accessories. You will need a couple of fresh and clean towels and some natural sunlight. Push off as much as water that is visible to you. Also, dry the underside of the bounce house. If you have a blow dryer then use it to speed up the process and after that dry it with hand towels.

Once done all the work manually, leave the inflatable in natural sunlight for some time. 

Before you attempt to store the inflatable make sure it is dried completely else the water inside the bounce house will destroy it complete

So now you know the complete process and are ready to save lives and bring smiles to children’s faces. A clean bounce house is good for your business growth and reputation both.

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