Checking the physical health of a Goldendoodle Puppy

Before you choose a Goldendoodle puppy, you need to examine its physical health. You need to know the common things that need to be checked to ensure that the puppy you are buying is health. You can find the best breeder of Goldendoodle puppies in Southern California and ask them about the best puppies.

1. Energy level

Keenly examine the energy level of your puppy. Typically the Goldendoodle is smart and active. If you found a lazy and less energetic, this means their physical health is not good. When a puppy is sick, he will not play, stays lazy and does not respond to you whenever you come near.

2. Eyes 

The Goldendoodle is very active and has bright eyes. There should be no redness in their eyes. Lack in care may cause eye discharge around the face of the dogs.

3. Breathing 

The breathing should be normal, with no whistling sound while breathing. The wheezing sound is the sign of having respiratory tract infection.

4. Ears 

The ears of Goldendoodle should be clean and with no dirt stuck in them. They will smell bad when there is dirt in their ear. So checking the ears is quite necessary. The ears should be free of cellular and black dirt.

5. Body condition 

The Goldendoodle should have a healthy appearance. They should have an appropriate weight according to their age. If the dog is malnourished, he might get older quickly with time.

6. Genitals 

Checking the genitals is quite necessary. There should be no redness, or there should be no discharge from them. You can feel both genitals of the young puppy. If the testicles of the dog do not descend, they might turn into cancerous.

7. Coat 

The Goldendoodle is famous for its shiny coat. Before you buy a puppy, make sure it has a shiny and a beautiful coat with no patches of skin. The puppies may have minor scratches when they play with each other, but there should not be big bald patches on its skin. The fur should be smooth and shiny and free of leaches. Leaches can cause further skin problems. You can consult such situation from your veterinarian.

8. Abdomen 

Checking the abdomen and stomach of the puppy is necessary. There should be no swelling around the belly button of the puppy. The swelling can be a result of an umbilical hernia, which can be treated by a veterinarian but visiting the veterinarian can be a financial burden on you.

9. Hearing 

The puppies usually respond instantly when they listen to the whistle sound. Some dogs are born deaf, but some can suffer injuries which could lead to hearing loss. You can check the hearing of the puppy by a whistling sound while they are playing. If they can hear, they will respond instantly; otherwise, they will continue to do whatever they were doing.

10. Vision 

The most common problems in poodles are vision problems. Before buying a poodle, make sure it can see clearly. You can check the vision by observing the puppy when it is playing around so you can check whether it has vision problems or not.

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